Lectures are a regular activity at The Siam Society and take place on an almost-weekly basis, in the evening. They are given in English by an appealing mix of speakers including authors, visiting scholars, leading experts and enthusiasts.

The subject matter is diverse, in line with The Siam Society’s mission to promote knowledge of the arts and natural sciences of Thailand and its neighbouring countries, and have covered new archaeological finds, Thai history, antique textile collections, contemporary Thai artists and designers, and much more. The lectures often end with a lively Q&A session. Special lectures that are conducted in Thai are usually scheduled on Saturdays, during the day.

The Siam Society is deeply grateful to the James H.W. Thompson Foundation for its generous support of the 2018–2019 Lecture Series.

Purchasing a Lecture DVD

Each lecture is recorded in high-quality video format and a copy, stored on a USB drive, may be purchased for THB 350.

Please contact Khun Arunsri

Tel: +66 2 661 6470-3 ext. 126
Email: arunsri@thesiamsociety.org


Members (and their spouse) may attend lectures for free, as well as students with a valid student ID card.

Non-members are welcome to attend for a small contribution of THB 200.

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Past Lecture

Date Speaker Title
30 July 2020 Dr Rungsima Kullapat The Phimai Heritage Trust as the Voice of Voiceless People
23 July 2020 Mr Paul Carter Economic Development and Thai State Extension to Defeat Insurgency
25 June 2020 Dr Pasuk Phongpaichit and Dr Chris Baker Kings in Love: Two Classic Thai Poems
19 March 2020 Dr Frank J. Hoffman Buddhism, Whiteness and the Indian Institution of Caste
7 March 2020 รศ.ดร. เชษฐ์ ติงสัญชลี อาคารทรงศิขระวิมานในศิลปะอินเดียและอิทธิพลต่อศิลปะในเอเชียอาคเนย์ (Shikhara and Vimana in Indian art and their influences to Southeast Asian Art)
5 March 2020 Mr Philip Jablon A Pictorial Tour of Thailand’s Movie Theatres
20 February 2020 Dr Wasana Wongsurawat The Crown and the Capitalist
18 February 2020 Dr Yongtanit Pimonsathean, Dr Samerchai Poolsuwan, Dr Paritta Chalermpow Koanantakool (Moderator: Dr Chris Baker) Protecting Asia's Heritage Yesterday and Tomorrow: A Book Launch and Panel Discussion
13 February 2020 Dr Kevin Colleary Perspectives on Education for Democracy in a Global Age
30 January 2020 Dr Rasita Sin-ek-iem Thai Architectural Beliefs and Ideologies through the Royal Chronicles of Ayuttaya
22 January 2020 Mr Pedro Palma (Director) Screening of “Henry of Malacca – A Malay and
Magellan” (a special event to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Magellan)
16 January 2020 Prof Joyce White Ban Chiang Metal Age Economy and its 21st Century Implications
9 January 2020 Dr Thant Myint-U The Hidden History of Burma: Race, Capitalism, and the Crisis of Democracy in the 21st Century
20 December 2019 Dr Olivier de Bernon The Assumption of an Astronomical Platform in Cambodia of the VII–VIII Century
14 December 2019 ผศ.ดร. จุฬิศพงศ์ จุฬารัตน์ เรื่องเล่าจากเจ็ดคาบสมุทร: สยามและโลกเอเชียในบันทึกเปอร์เซียศตวรรษที่ 17 (The Tales from the Seven Seas: Siam and the Asian World in the Seventeenth-Century Persian Description)
12 December 2019 Dr Lia Genovese The Plain of Jars of Laos – World Heritage Monuments in Stone
21 November 2019 Mr Hans Kemp Divine Encounters - Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia
16 November 2019 Mr Sakchai Guy Antique Court Textile
14 November 2019 Mr Rush Pleansuk and Mr Philippe Moisan From Historical to Contemporary Design by SuMphat Gallery
7 November 2019 Mr Imtiaz Muqbil The Greatest Story in Global Tourism History
31 October 2019 Mrs Anita Bose Ramayana: Footprint in Southeast Asian Culture and Heritage
22 October 2019 Mr Peter Welz Retranslation | Final Unfinished Portrait
17 October 2019 Dr Alexander J. Klemm Nation and Representation: Western Filmmaking in Siam from 1908 to 1938
10 October 2019 Mr Kong Rithdee Do Translators Dream of Electric Thesaurus?
24 September 2019 Prof Dr Maria de Fátima Reis and Captain (Navy) José María Blanco 500th Anniversary of the Circumnavigation of the World by Magellan and Elcano: The Impossible Adventure
21 September 2019 Her Excellency Mary Jo A. Bernado-Aragon and Dr Piemsak Hongjamrassilp The 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the Philippines and Thailand
19 September 2019 Mr Paul Bromberg Thai Silver and Nielloware
14 September 2019 พระมหาราชครูพิธีศรีวิสุทธิคุณ (ชวิน รังสิพราหมณกุล) พระราชพิธีสิบสองเดือนที่เกี่ยวข้องกับพราหมณ์ (The Royal Ceremonies
of the Twelve Months in relation to Brahmins)
5 September 2019 Ms Dafna Nevo Tangled in Time A Journey Through Papua New Guinea
29 August 2019 Dr Jacques P. Leider Mrauk U and the Kingdom of Arakan (Rakhine)
15 August 2019 HE Mr Evgeny Tomikhin Russia in Asia: Historical Milestones and Modern Partnership
8 August 2019 Mr Visanu Euarchukiati An Immersive Tour of Egypt, from Aswan to Alexandria
1 August 2019 Mr Kirill Kuznetsov The Russian Geographical Society, Its Eminent Researchers and Current Projects
18 July 2019 Prof Dr Piriya Krairiksh Ramayana in Myanmar
13 July 2019 Prince Adnan Aurangzeb and Prof Dr Ashraf Khan Glorious Gandhara – A Cradle of Buddhist Civilisation
9 July 2019 Mr Garrett Kam Keris Crossing Cultures: Indonesian Daggers in Southeast Asia
4 July 2019 Mr Bangkok Chowkwanyun The Science at the Heart of Buddhism
29 June 2019 Dr Pariwat Thammapreechakorn, Mrs Pimpraphai Bisalputra, Dr Thanyakarn Wong-on, and Dr Dawn Rooney A CERAMICS WORKSHOP
27 June 2019 Dr Pasuk Phongpaichit and Dr Chris Baker A History of Love: Three Thai Literary Classics and their Human Messages Today … and Fifty Jātaka
20 June 2019 Mr Etienne Clément Has the Time Come to Return Some Works of Art to Their Countries of Origin?
29 May 2019 Mr George van Driem The History of Tea and Thailand’s Place in Tea History
16 May 2019 Mr Dominic Faulder Anand Panyarachun and the Making of Modern Thailand
11 May 2019 Dr Bunchar Pongpanich Ancient Maritime Beads of Southern Thailand
2 May 2019 Dr Bruce G. Weniger History of the Early HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Thailand and Highlights of the Country’s Key Contributions to Global Prevention
30 April 2019 Mr Shaiful Shahidan and Professor Dr A. Ghafar Ahmad Kuala Lumpur: Past and Present
25 April 2019 Mr Patrick Kersalé The Angkorian Music and Musical Instruments (from the 7th to the 13th century)
21 March 2019 Dr Frank J. Hoffman Environment, Non-Attachment, and Enlightenment "text copyright by Vietnam National University"
14 March 2019 Mr Eggarat Wongcharit Unbound Craft
7 March 2019 Mr Manit Sriwanichpoom Rediscovering Thai Masters of Photography (during 1950–1970)
28 February 2019 Ms Jarupatcha Achavasmit Textiles: Tradition and Technology
14 February 2019 Prof Stephen Martin A Creative Karma? The Fall of Ayutthaya and Mozart’s Flute Music
7 February 2019 Dr Nicolas Revire “The Birth of the Buddha”: From Angkor to Bangkok
29 January 2019 Dr Lilian Handlin Mahosadha’s Cunning and the Cretan Labyrinth
16 January 2019 Mrs Patricia Bjaaland Welch Pig Tales