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The Siam Society library specialises in the fine arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences of Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia. It is also noted for its outstanding collections of rare books and palm leaf manuscripts. In 2014 the Thai Library Association awarded “Outstanding Specialist Library” status to The Siam Society library.

The primary function of The Siam Society library is to make its resources accessible to the general public and the research community, and to support investigation. Its resources include:

  • A Reference Section
  • A General Circulation Section with approximately 50,000 volumes in Thai and other languages
  • Journals and periodicals including Journal of The Siam Society, and Natural History Bulletin of The Siam Society
  • Old maps
  • Historical photographs
  • Theses and research reports
  • Rare book collections, including those of Prince Prisdang and ML Manich Jumsai
  • Chronicles and palm leaf manuscripts on Buddhism, Law, Literature, Astrology and Traditional Medicine in Pali, Khom, Lanna and Thai languages
  • Microfilms (in pdf.), DVDs, video Tapes
  • Search engine, scanner and photocopy services. 

Our Library

Members may use the library for free. Non-members are welcome to use the library for a small contribution of THB 100 per day, and non-member students with a valid student ID card for THB 50 per day. Student Members may not borrow library books. 


For library enquiries please email: pinthip@thesiamsociety.org


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