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Becoming a Member

Subscribing for membership allows individuals to enjoy the facilities and activities in full, while also supporting the continuity of The Siam Society’s operations.


Bestowing a grant or donation is another means of supporting The Siam Society and its programmes e.g. library, museum, publications, lecture, study trip, and performance. Donations to The Siam Society are entitled to tax deduction according to Section 47 (7) (b) and Section 79 Part (8) (b) of the Revenue Code, announcement number 136.


Offers of specialist skills or internship, even on a short-term basis, are welcome as they supplement the work of The Siam Society.

Benefits of Life and Ordinary Membership:

  • Free admission to library and loan of general books
  • Free admission to Kamthieng House Museum
  • Free admission to lectures, held on a regular basis
  • Booking priority for study trips
  • Discount on admission fee for concerts and other cultural performances
  • 10% discount on space rental and the Society’s special publications
  • A complimentary copy of the Annual Report of The Siam Society
  • A complimentary copy of each issue of the Journal of The Siam Society, and the Natural History Bulletin of The Siam Society
  • Spouse receives the same benefits as member when joining The Siam Society’s activities

Benefits of Student Membership

Similar benefits as for Ordinary Members, except Student Members may not borrow library books, do not receive voting rights at AGMs or EGMs, and complimentary copies of the Journal of The Siam Society or the Natural History Bulletin of The Siam Society.

Memberships Categories

Life Membership

THB 50,000
(remittance from overseas THB 50,000 nett)

Ordinary Membership

THB 3,500 per year
(remittance from overseas THB 4,000 nett)

Student Membership

THB 500 per year
To undergraduate level

To apply, download the application form below

Download the Application Form


Payment can be made to “The Siam Society”, saving account no. 053-2-03946-8 at TMB Bank (Asoke branch).

For a receipt, please send your payment slip to Khun Supharat by email: or fax: + 66 2 258 3491