Siamese Heritage Trust

For Better Management of Thailand’s Cultural Heritage

Siamese Heritage Trust was established in 2011 by the Council to commemorate the 84th birthday anniversary of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Patron of The Siam Society Under Royal Patronage and a protector of the cultural heritage and fine arts of Thailand.
As Thailand’s cultural heritage often faces threats from neglect, lack of funding, commercial encroachment and inefficient management, the aim of Siamese Heritage Trust is to raise the visibility of cultural heritage management as a national issue of general public interest. We highlight issues and problems, both tangible and intangible, and generate ideas on how heritage management can be improved. Our scope of interest covers the entire kingdom, with focus on vernacular and community culture and on cultural landscapes.

Siam Heritage Trust focuses its work on four areas: knowledge, education, advocacy and networking. Programmes under these four areas include public conferences, lectures, study trips, seminars, publications and media opinion pieces. The founding of the section has made The Siam Society into a leader in cultural heritage protection in Thailand.

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Khun Jarunee Khongswasdi
Tel: +66 2 661 6470 through 3 ext 204
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The Society is an independent public repository of knowledge and expertise in heritage management and preservation. We summarise and publish free handbooks and publications on cultural heritage management.


We provide a non-official forum for major cultural heritage stakeholders to explain how they are fulfilling their stewardship, and for the public to be informed of and comment on policies and plans for cultural heritage preservation. To raise public awareness and understanding on cultural heritage matters, we conduct study trips to visit cultural heritage sites both in Thailand and abroad.


With like-minded organisations, we participate in and promote their cultural activities, as well as co-organise activities and cultural advocacy campaigns.


We monitor the government and cultural stakeholders’ role in cultural heritage management, identify, and publicize threats to the proper conservation of the nation’s cultural heritage, and take appropriate action or protest to counter or mitigate those threats.

Heritage Matters

 a monthly series aimed at identifying the challenges and opportunities of cultural heritage conservation published by The Siam Society in the Bangkok Post (English) and in the Standard (Thai)

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