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Previous Seminars, Lectures & Panel Discussions

Date Event
18 December 2021 Discovering New Parks and Old Trees in Bangkok: From Lumphini to Khlong Toei
4 December 2021 Discovering New Parks and Old Trees in Bangkok: New Parks in the Old Town
27 November 2021 A Panel Discussion on "Kuang Luang Wiang Kaew Development Project: The Way Forward"
28-29 November 2020 A Visit to Sukhothai – Si Satchanalai
18 February 2020 A book launch and panel discussion on "Protecting Asia's Heritage: Yesterday and Tomorrow"
8-9 Aug. 2019 A legal workshop and seminar on "Chiang Mai Heritage: Call to Action"
25-26 January 2019 A pan-Asia conference "Heritage Protection: The Asian Experience"
7 March 2018 A Seminar on "Commerce - Cultural Heritage - Historical Districts”
20 July 2017 A Book launch. "Legal manual for safeguarding community's heritage" and a discussion on "Community Rights for Heritage Protection according to Thailand's 2017 Constitution"
25 June 2016 A Seminar on “Master plan and municipal law as a tool for preventing cultural heritage from inappropriate development”
28 May 2016 A seminar on "Responsibilities and Rights on Cultual Heritage Sites"
26 March 2016 A seminar on “Using Law to Suppress the Destruction of Cultural Heritage”
13 February 2016 A panel discussion on “How to live withgranddad’sheritage?” (a part of Bangkok Edge Festival, initiated by Khunying Narisa Chakrabongse)
19 November 2015 A press conference on the Siam Society and partner organizations submitted an open letter to Prime Minister, asking to review the project of “ The Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River”
26 October 2015 Co-producing a TV program of ThaiPBS “24 Hours: โลกเปลี่ยนต้องเปลี่ยนโลก”ตอน “จินตนาการใหม่กรุงเทพฯ”
16 October 2015 Submitting an open letter to Prime Minister, asking to review the project of “The Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River”
11 August 2015 An experts meeting on “ The Promenade Development on Chao Phraya River”
3 May 2014 Round Table Talk on Preserving Bangkok’s Root Why? And How?
19 September 2013 Panel discussion on Heritage of the Provinces: The Conservation Paths
10 July 2013 Panel discussion on Uses and Abuses of Thai Heritage and History
26 March 2013 Lecture and book launch 'Protecting Siam's Heritage'. A talk by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Piriya Krairiksh
20 March 2013 Panel discussion on Saving Bangkok's Historic Heart
27 February 2013 A panel discussion on Revive Bangkok's Roots (conducted by Cultural Heritage Alliance)
21 March 2012 Panel discussion on Thailand’s Buddhist Cultural Heritage: The Preservation Challenge
17 January 2012 Panel discussion on Tourism and Heritage: A Tense Relationship
23 November 2011 Panel discussion on Mosque: Mirroring Home of The "Thai" Heart
21 September 2011 Panel discussion on "Ayutthaya: Heritage Site in Danger"
20 September 2011 Lecture on "Ayutthaya: Heritage Site in Danger"
21 July 2011 Panel discussion on "Thai Museums: Realizing the Potential"
27 May 2011 Panel discussion on "Krung Rattanakosin: Yesterday,Today, Tomorrow" and photo exhibition by Photo UNITED
24 May 2011 Lecture on Siamese Heritage Protection: Krung Rattanakosin
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Previous Study Trips

Date Trip
8 February 2020 Multi-Cultural Bangrak District, Leaders: Dr Yongtanit Pimonsathean, HE Mr Francisco Vaz Patto, Dr Kevin Colleary, Dr Navamintr Vitayakul
26 October 2019 Discover Secret Hideaways of Bangkok Chinatown, Leaders: Dr Yongtanit Pimonsathean and Mrs Eileen Deeley
2-4 August 2019 Touching the Heritage Conservation Pulse in Phrae, Leaders: Mr Komol Panichpan and Ms Jarunee Khongswasdi
23-25 November 2018 A cultural and nature trip to Phitsanulok - Tak, Leader: Dr Weerachai Nanakorn, Leader of the Natural History Section and 1st Vice Presidentand Dr Pongsawat Aksornsawaddi, Legal Expert and Advisor to Siamese Heritage Trust
26 May 2018 An AfternoonWalk Through a Historic Trail of Rattanakosin Island (Na Phra Lan - Tha Chang - Tha Tian), Leader: Dr Yongtanit Pimonsathean,Honorary Advisor to The Siam Society Council
20 January 2018 A Study trip to visit Ban Krua Community“Muslim Cham – Melayu. 230 Yrs in Tung Praya Thai”, Leader: Khun Sukre Salem, Muslim Siam Forum for Art & Culture, Thailand
6-8 October 2017 Visit Yangon's Urban Heritage, Leader: Mr James Stent, Chairman of Siamese Heritage Trust
26 August 2017 A Study of Art and Architecture of Buddhist Temples in Mon Neighborhood Bangkrachao, Phra Pradeang, Leader: Khun Euayporn Kerdchouay, Senior Consultant of The Siam Society and SHT Committee Member
22 July 2017 A day trip to Bangkrachao, Sumut Prakan, Leader: Khun Sudara Suchaxaya, Historian and Siamese Heritage Trust Committee Member (conducted in Thai)
13-20 October 2016 A Visit to the Cultural Heritage of South Korea
24-27 September 2015 Tracing the Tale of Two Historic Towns via Heritage Protection Programmes: Songkhla - Penang
21-23 August 2015 Communities' Way of Life on Thailand's Eastern Gateway Chantaburi - Trad
7 June 2014 Sketching Talad Noi Cultural Heritage
27-28 July 2013 A Cultural Study trip to Lopburi
9 March 2013 Study trip to Hua Hin
1 December 2012 Study trip to Amphawa
27 October 2012 Sketching workshop
14, 28 July 2012 A Visit to Heritage of The Crown Property Bureau
25 February 2012 Three Remarkable Mosques in Thonburi
24 September 2011 A Visit to Klongsan Neighborhood Part 2
23 July 2011 A visit to Klongsan Neighborhood
4 June 2011 A Visit to Kadeecheen Neighborhood
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