The Council

All Presidents of The Siam Society

The affairs of The Siam Society are directed and managed by its Council, led by the President. Members of the Council are elected at an Annual General Meeting from among voting life and ordinary members, and serve for a two-year term.

The Council of 2018 – 2020

Mrs Pikulkeaw Krairiksh

Dr Weerachai Nanakorn
Dr MR Rujaya Abhakorn
Dr Christopher Baker (Acting)

Leader, Natural History Section
Dr Weerachai Nanakorn

Honorary Treasurer
Mr Suraya Supanwanich

Honorary Secretary
Mrs Danielle Yvonne Schwaar

Honorary Librarian
Dr MR Rujaya Abhakorn

Honorary Editor, JSS
Dr Christopher Baker

Honorary Editor, NHBSS
Dr Prachya Musikasinthorn

Members of Council
Mr Brian Blugerman
Mrs Eileen Deeley
Mrs Anne Fulgham
Mr Wisoot Karnchanapunyapong
Ms Jenjira van der Linden
Mr Paul Russell
Mr Suphat Saquandeekul
Mrs Kulathida Sivayathorn
Dr Pusadee Tamthai
HE Mr Francisco Vaz Patto
Dr Navamintr Vitayakul