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A Visit to Temples Built during the Reign of King Mongkut (1851-1868)

Prince Mongkut was born in 1804. He was a grandson of King Rama I, the founder of the Chakri dynasty, and a son of King Rama II, who ascended the throne in 1807. Prince Mongkut was the King’s eldest son by the Queen. He was given all the traditional education befitting a Siamese Prince who must always be made ready to be King. His studies include literature and poetry in Siamese Pali – the ancient language of the Buddhist religion. He was taught Siamese history and also the ancient art of war, which included the use of many kinds of weapons and the riding and control of elephants and horses. At the age of twelve he was sent out by his regal father to take charge of the armed forces supervising the settlement of Mon refugees who had come into the Kingdom by way of Tak, Uthai Thani and Kanchanaburi provinces. At the age of twenty he was ordained a proper Buddhist monk, the ceremony taking place in the temple of the Emerald Buddha which was the Royal Chapel. When His Majesty King Nang Klao (King Rama III) passed away in 1851, the Accession Council decided to invite Prince Mongkut to succeed to the throne. Historians often refer to him as King Rama IV.

His Majesty King Mongkut was ordained as a Buddhist monk and remained in the monkhood for twenty-seven years before ascended the throne. During seventeen years of his reign, five new temples were built and about fifty temples were restored, the work being commissioned by King Mongkut.

On Saturday, 7 November, The Siam Society is arranging a study trip for members to visit 3 temples which were commissioned by King Mongkut, and all are in Bangkok.

  1. Wat Sommanat Ratchawora Wiharn, built in 1853
  2. Wat Pathum Wanaram, built in 1857
  3. Wat Ratchapradit Satit Mahasemaram, built in 1864

The group will leave the Siam Society by bus at 09:00 and will return to the Society at about 16:00



Saturday, 7 November 2020


Mr Euayporn Kerdchouay, Senior Consultant of The Siam Society



Note – To comply with the measures recommended by the government due to the COVID-19 pandemic protect yourself and others around you by knowing the facts and taking appropriate precautions. The Society kindly ask our participants to follow the safety and precaution measures that have been declared by the government and health organisations.

The contribution of THB 2,100 (THB 2,400 for non-members), will cover transportation, lunch, gratuities and other costs incurred to make this trip possible. In addition, basic travel insurance is included. There is a 4% surcharge for credit/debit card payment to cover bank charges. Please pay by cash or cheque payable to “The Siam Society”. Alternatively, you can transfer the money to The Siam Society travel account at TMB Bank, Asoke Branch, saving account no. 053-2-18000-7. Please fax or e-mail the deposit or transfer docket to us.

For further information and bookings please contact Khun Prasert at Tel. 02-661-6470-3 ext. 504 or Khun Supanut Tel. 02-661-6470-3 ext. 506, Fax 02-258-3491 or email: The Society office is open from 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday

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