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Viṣṇuvarman in the Golden Peninsula | A Talk by Nicolas Revire

About this lecture

This lecture develops from recent numismatic studies and discoveries made at the site of Khuan Luk Pat, in Khlong Thom district, Krabi province of Peninsular Thailand. Some of the gold coins found there are inscribed on the reverse with the name Viṣuvama in Prakrit, possibly equivalent to Viṣṇuvarman in Sanskrit, and may refer to a local Indianized ruler of the first centuries CE. This would be the earliest royal title suffixed by °varman that we know of for a king in Thailand. This Vaiṣṇava name, moreover, has, to date, not been found in the rest of Mainland Southeast Asia, although there are a few epigraphic occurrences ascribed to Viṣṇuvarman known in South Asia from the late 1st century BCE to the 6th century CE. In addition, and most remarkably, an inscribed seal from the 5th–6th centuries discovered long ago in Peninsular Malaysia contains the same name in Sanskrit, thus giving rise to speculations regarding the identity and relationships between these two Viṣṇuvarmans uncovered in the Golden Peninsula.

About the speaker

Dr Nicolas Revire is Assistant Professor at Thammasat University, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Bangkok, and holds a doctoral degree from the Université Paris 3–Sorbonne Nouvelle in France. He specialises in the Buddhist art and archaeology of South and Southeast Asia, with a research focus on pre-modern Thailand and Cambodia. He is general editor of a collective volume titled Before Siam: Essays in Art and Archaeology and co-published by The Siam Society (Bangkok, 2014).



Thursday, 18 March 2021 at 19:00


Lecture Room, 4/Floor, The Siam Society


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