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Volume. 103 2015

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Preserving Temple Murals in Isan: Wat Chaisi, Sawatthi Village, Khon Kaen, as a Sustainable ModelBonnie Pacala BreretonJSS_103_0b_Brereton_PreservingTempleMuralsInIsan
Integrating the Phong Tuek Viṣṇu: The Archaeology and Art History of a Forgotten ImagePaul A. Lavy and Wesley ClarkeJSS_103_0c_LavyClarke_IntegratingThePhongTuekVisnu
Rajadhiraj’s Rangoon Relics and a Mon Funerary StupaDonald M. StadtnerJSS_103_0d_Stadtner_RajadhirajsRangoonRelics
A New Method of Classification for Tai TextilesPatricia CheesmanJSS_103_0e_Cheesman_ANewMethodOfClassicicationForTaiTextiles
Siam’s Old Singapore TiesVitthya VejjajivaJSS_103_0f_Vitthya_SiamsOldSingaporeTies
Siam through the Lens of John Thomson 1865-1866: A Photo EssayPaisarn PiemmettawatJSS_103_0g_Paisarn_SiamThroughTheLensOfJohnThomson
Emil Groote, Court Photographer to Three Kings of SiamJoachim BautzeJSS_103_0h_Bautze_EmilGrooteCourtPhotographerToThreeKingsOfSiam
Thailand’s “Chow Pah Negritos” (Maniq) in 1897 and 1899: Smithsonian Records of W. L. Abbott’s Expeditions to the Trang-Phatthalung Border HighlandsPaul Michael TaylorJSS_103_0i_Taylor_ThailandsChowPahNegritos
Bangkok Kingship: The Role of SukhothaiHiram WoodwardJSS_103_0j_Woodward_BangkokKingshipTheRoleOfSukhothai
Overview of Thai Manuscripts at the Nordsee Museum (Nissenhaus) in Husum, GermanyPeera Panarut and Volker GrabowskyJSS_103_0k_PeeraGrabowsky_OverviewOfThaiManuscriptsAtTheNordseeMuseum
The Early Syām and Rise of Mäng Mao: Western Mainland Southeast Asia in the “Tai Century”Ken KirigayaJSS_103_0l_KenKirigaya_TheEarlySyamAndRiseofMangMao
Lan Na under Burma: A “Dark Age” in Northern Thailand?Ken KirigayaJSS_103_0m_KenKirigaya_LannaUnderBurma
Lost Kingdoms: Hindu-Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia by John GuyReviewed by Piriya Krairiksh Reviewed by John ListopadJSS_103_0n_ReviewArticlesLostKingdoms
Siam - Through the Lens of John Thomson 1865-66 Including Angkor and Coastal China by Paisarn Piemmettawat, edited and translated by Narisa ChakrabongsReviewed by Paul BrombergJSS_103_0o_Reviews
The Man Who Accused the King of Killing a Fish: The Biography of Narin Phasit of Siam, 1874-1950 by Peter KoretReviewed by James A. WarrenJSS_103_0o_Reviews
Before Siam: Essays in Art and Archaeology edited by Nicolas Revire and Stephen A. MurphyReviewed by John N. MiksicJSS_103_0o_Reviews
Tribute and Profi t: Sino-Siamese Trade, 1652-1853 by Sarasin VirapholReviewed by Wasana WongsurawatJSS_103_0o_Reviews
A Man in Saffron Robes: A Rainy Season as a Buddhist Monk at a Hilltop Temple in Northern Thailand by Maitree Limpichart, translated by Stephen LandauReviewed by Paul BrombergJSS_103_0o_Reviews
Khmer Bronzes: New Interpretations of the Past by Emma C. Bunker and Douglas LatchfordReviewed by Paul A. LavyJSS_103_0o_Reviews
Auf der Suche nach einer grenzüberschreitenden Wissenschaftskultur. Gesammelte Aufsätze 2001-2013 by Chetana NagavajaraReviewed by Karl E. WeberJSS_103_0o_Reviews
Exploration and Irony in Studies of Siam over Forty Years, by Benedict R. O’G. Anderson,Reviewed by Chris BakerJSS_103_0o_Reviews
The Grand Palace and Old Bangkok by Naengnoi Suksri, Narisa Chakrabongse, Thanit Limpabandhu, with photography by Paisarn Piemmettawat.Reviewed by Donald M. StadtnerJSS_103_0o_Reviews
[Obituarie] Ronald Duane Renard (1947-2014)JSS_103_0p_ObituaryRenard
[Obituarie] Grant Evans (1948-2014)JSS_103_0q_ObituaryEvans
Contributors to this VolumeJSS_103_0r_Contributors
Notes for ContributorsJSS_103_0s_Back