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Volume. 56.2 1968

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A Comparative Study of the Sanskrit, Tamil, Thai and Malay Versions of the Story of Rama with Special Reerence to the Process of Acculturation in the Southeast Asian VersionsSingaravelu, S.JSS_056_2b_Singaravelu_SanskritTamilThaiAndMalayStoryOfRama
The Buddhist Tutelary Couple Hariti and Pancika, Protectors of Children, from a Relief at the Khmer Sanctuary in PimaiBoeles, J.J.JSS_056_2c_BudhistTutelaryCoupleHaritiAndPancikaInPimai
A Declaration of Independence and its Consequences; Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No. 1Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_056_2d_GriswoldPrasert_DeclarationOfIndependenceAndConsequences
Steinwerkzeuge aus Phrao (Notes)Penth, Hans GeorgJSS_056_2e_Penth_SteinWerkZeugeAusPhrao
A Note on Internal Rhyme in Thai Poetry (Notes)Udom WarotamasikkhaditJSS_056_2f_UdomWarotamasikkhadit_InternalRhymeInThaiPoetry
The Analysis of Thai Tones: An Argument (Notes)Bee, PeterJSS_056_2g_Bee_AnalysisOfThaiTones
Annual ReportJSS_056_2i_AnnualReport