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Volume. 67.1 1979

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The musical traditions of northeast ThailandMiller, Terry E., and Jarernchai ChonpairotJSS_067_1b_MillerJarernchaiChonpairot_MusicalTraditionsOfNortheastThailand
Towards a history of Siamese gilt-lacquer paintingWright, MichaelJSS_067_1c_Wright_HistoryOfGiltLacquerPainting
Thai interpolations in the story of AniruddhaManeepin PhromsuthirakJSS_067_1d_ManeepinPhromsuthirak_InterpolationsInStoryOfAniruddha
Folk memories of the decline of Angkor in nineteenth-century Cambodia: The legend of the Leper KingChandler, David P.JSS_067_1e_Chandler_FolkMemoriesOfDeclineOfAngkorLegendOfleperKing
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 21: The second oldest known writing in SiameseGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_067_1f_GriswoldPrasert_SecondOldestKnownWritingInSiamese
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 22: An inscription from Vat Hin Tan, SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_067_1g_GriswoldPrasert_InscriptionFromVatHinTanSukhodaya
The So people of Kusuman, northeastern ThailandKania, Raymond S., and Kania, Siriphan HatuwongJSS_067_1h_Kania_SoPeopleOfKusuman
Concepts of power and moral goodness in the contemporary Thai worldviewMulder, NielsJSS_067_1i_Mulder_PowerAndMoralGoodnessInContemporaryThaiWorldview
Thai poetry translation: A review and some new examples (Notes)Chand Chirayu Rajani, M.C.JSS_067_1j_ChandChirayuRajani_ReviewArticleThaiPoetryTranslation
Urak Lawoi funeral in Phuket (Notes)Hogan, David W.JSS_067_1k_Hogan_UrakLawoiFuneralInPhuket