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Volume. 67.2 1979

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Krung Thep at one hundred: Scape and gridSternstein, LarryJSS_067_2b_Sternstein_KrungthepAt100ScapeAndGrid
Conservation of mural painting in Thailand: An outline of a comprehensive approach to the problemdu Guerny, MicaelaJSS_067_2c_Guerny_ConservationOfMuralPaintingInThailand
Hell scenes in Thai muralsMatics, K.I.JSS_067_2d_Matics_HellScenesInThaiMurals
Degagement du Phra Chedi de Wat Keo, ChaiyaBoisselier, JeanJSS_067_2e_Boisselier_DegagementDuPhraChediDeWatKeoChaiya
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.23: An inscription of 1528 A.D. from SukhodayaGriswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_067_2f_GriswoldPrasert_InscriptionOf1528ADFromSukhodaya
Epigraphic and Historical Studies No. 24: An inscription of 1563 A.D. recording a treaty between Laos and Ayudhya in 1560Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_067_2g_GriswoldPrasert_InscriptionOf1563RecordingTreatyBetweenLaosAndAyodhya1560
The Hmong, opium and the Haw: Speculations on the origin of their associationGrandstaff, Terry B.JSS_067_2h_Grandstaff_HmongOpiumAndHaw
Thai traditional medicine: Ancient thought and practice in a Thai contextMulholland, JeanJSS_067_2i_Mulholland_ThaiTraditionalMedicine
Menace and reassurance in Malay circumcision: A note on some attitudes of Kelantan Thais (Notes)Kershaw, RogerJSS_067_2j_Kershaw_MenaceAndReassuranceInMalayCircumcision
Review Article: A New Tamnan About AyutthayaVickery, MichaelJSS_067_2k_Vickery_ReviewArticleNewTamnanAboutAyutthaya
Annual ReportJSS_067_2m_AnnualReport
List of MembersJSS_067_2n_ListOfMembers