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Volume. 75.0 1987

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MaharajajayasiddhigathaNanasamvara, Somdej PhraJSS_075_0b_SomdejPhraNanasamvara_Maharajajayasiddhigatha
Verses of Victorious Blessings to His Majesty King BhumibolSuchao PloychumJSS_075_0c_VersesOfVictoriousBlessingToHMKingBhumibol
The Pali Manuscripts kept at The Siam Society, Bangkok, a short catalogueVon Hinuber, OskarJSS_075_0d_Hinuber_PaliManuscriptsAtSiamSociety
Thai SpiritualitySulak SivaraksaJSS_075_0e_SulakSivaraksa_ThaiSpirituality
The Cosmology of Power in LannaRhum, Michael R.JSS_075_0f_Rhum_CosmologyOfPowerInLanna
Calling the Spirits: an observation of its practice among the Kui in Thailandvan der Haak, FeikjeJSS_075_0g_Haak_CallingTheSpiritsAmongKui
New Ethnic Names For the Tin of Nan ProvinceFilbeck, DavidJSS_075_0h_Filbeck_NewEthnicNamesForTinOfNan
An Attempt to Fly in The Face of the Ordinary Laws of Supply and Demand: The British and Siamese rice 1945-7Tarling, NicholasJSS_075_0i_Tarling_AnAttemptToFlyBritishAndSiameseRice
The United States and the Coming of the Coup of 1947 in SiamThanet AphornsuvanJSS_075_0j_ThanetAphornsuvan_USAndCoupOf1947
Wat Fa DaedAnan WiriyaphinitJSS_075_0k_AnanWiriyaphinit_WatPaDaed
Potters marks and other writing on Northern Thai or Lan Na CeramicsShaw, J.C., and Penth, HansJSS_075_0l_ShawPenth_PottersMarksOnLannaCeramics
Comments on CriticismPenth, HansJSS_075_0m_Penth_CommentsOnCriticism
Rev. E. Denis S.J. (Obituaries)Garaizabal, MiguelJSS_075_0o_Obituaries
F.K. Brohm (Obituaries)Sharp, LauristonJSS_075_0o_Obituaries
John Blofeld (Obituaries)Damnern GardenJSS_075_0o_Obituaries