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Volume. 77.2 1989

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The Pong Tuk Lamp: A ReconsiderationBrown, Robert L., and MacDonnell, Anna M.JSS_077_2b_BrownMacdonnell_PongTukLampAReconsideration
Architectural Composition in Java from the Eighth to Fourteenth CenturiesDumarcay, JacquesJSS_077_2c_Dumarcay_ArchitecturalCompositionInJava
A Note on Thai Tattoos- Note Sur le Tatouage en Pays Thai Jusqu'a la Fin du XVIle SiecleLagirarde, FrancoisJSS_077_2d_Lagirarde_TatouageEnPaysThai
Technical Study on the White-Glazed Wares with Green Patterns Excavated in the Tak Area, ThailandKazuo Yamasaki et. al.JSS_077_2e_KazuoMasayo_WhiteGlazedWaresExcavatedInTak
Bangkok in 1883: An Economic and Social ProfileWilson, Constance M.JSS_077_2f_Wilson_BangkokIn1883SocialAndEconomicProfile
The Travels in France of the Siamese Ambassadors1686-7Smithies, MichaelJSS_077_2g_Smithies_TravelsInFranceOfSiameseAmbassadors1686
Blockprinted Fabrics of Gujarat for Export to SiamArchambault, MicheleJSS_077_2h_Archambault_FabricsFromGujaratExportedToSiam
On the Origin of the Urak Lawoi' - A response to J.lvanoffPattemore Stephen W., and Hogan, David W.JSS_077_2i_PattemoreHogan_OriginsOfUrakLawoi
History and Archaeology in Thailand-What's NewPornchai SuchittaJSS_077_2j_PornchaiSuchitta_HistoryAndArchaologyOfThailandWhatsNew
Index to the Siam Society Newsletter 1985-1989Smithies, MichaelJSS_077_2l_Back