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Volume. 80.2 1992

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A Revised Dating of Ayudhya Architecture (II)Krairiksh, PiriyaJSS_080_2b_PiriyaKrairiksh_RevisedDatingOfAyudhyaArchitectureII
Computer-Assisted Dating for Thai InscriptionsEade, J.C.JSS_080_2c_Eade_ComputerAssistedDatingForThaiInscriptions
Revitalizing the Law and Development Movement: A Case Study on Land Law in Thailandvon Mehren, Philip, and Sawers, TimJSS_080_2d_Mehren_RevitalizingLawAndDevelopmentMovement
Religion and Family Law in BurmaAye KyawJSS_080_2e_AyeKyaw_ReligionAndFamilyLawInBurma
Symbols on the Body, Feet, and Hands of a BuddhaSkilling, PeterJSS_080_2f_Skilling_SymbolsOnBodyFeetHandsOfBuddhaI
K'la and the Catholics of Chiang Mai: Village Development in the Northwest of ThailandWebb, R.A.F. PaulJSS_080_2g_Webb_KlaAndCatholicsOfChiangMai
The Buddha under Naga: Animism, Hinduism and Buddhism in Siamese Religion-a senseless pastiche or a living organism?Wright, MichaelJSS_080_2h_Wright_BuddhaUnderNaga
Monks and Mediums: Religious Syncretism in Northern ThailandMuecke, Marjorie AJSS_080_2i_Muecke_MonksAndMediumsInNThailand
Dancing for Spirits: Lakhon Chatri Performers from Phetchaburi ProvinceGrow, Mary L.JSS_080_2j_Grow_DancingForSpiritsLakhonChatriInPhetchaburi
Cosmology, Forest Monks and Sangha Reconstruction in the Early Bangkok PeriodTaylor, James L.JSS_080_2k_Taylor_CosmologyForestMonksAndSanghaInEarlyBangkok
Silver Coins: Evidence for Mining at Bawzaing in the Shan State Circa 6th-8th Century AD.DiCrocco, Virginia M.JSS_080_2l_Crocco_SilverCoinsMiningInShanState
Precept and Transgression: Alcohol and Addicts in Ancient and Modern Thailand as Reflected in Thai LiteratureWenk, KlausJSS_080_2m_Wenk_PreceptAndTransgressionInAncientAndModernThaiLiterature
Far Eastern Cultural TransplantationsSioris, GeorgeJSS_080_2n_Sioris_FarEasternCulturalTransplantations
Thai Classical Music Comes to America: Cultivating a Rare Species in a Musical GreenhouseMiller, Terry E.JSS_080_2o_Miller_ThaiClassicalMusicComesToAmerica
Une Approche Ethnologique des Massages Traditionnels ThaIsBecquignon, NathalieJSS_080_2p_Becquignon_MassagesTraditionnelsThais
Cognates and Loans among Aslian Kin TermsParkin, Robert J.JSS_080_2q_Parkin_CognatesAndLoansAmongAslianKinTerms