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Volume. 85.0 1997

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Little things mean a lot: pots and cloth in Northeast ThailandH. Leedom Lefferts Jr. and Louise CortJSS_085_0b_LeffertsCort_LittleThingsMeanLotPotsClothInNEThailand
The Phuket Project revisited: the ethno-archaeology through time of maritime-adapted communities in Southeast AsiaRichard Engelhardt and Pamela RogersJSS_085_0c_EngelhardtRogers_PhuketProjectRevisited
The swinging pendulum: from centrality to marginality -a study of southem-Tenasserim in the history of Southeast AsiaJanell MillsJSS_085_0d_Mills_SwingingPendulumTenasserim
The Siam of Mendes Pinto's TravelsMichael SmithiesJSS_085_0e_Smithies_SiamOfMendesPintoTravels
The view from the outside - Nicolas Gervaise, Simon de la Loubere and the perception of seventeenth century Siamese government and societySven TrakulhunJSS_085_0f_Trakulhun_ViewFromOutsideGervaiseLoubere
A warrior-ruler stele from Sri Ksetra, Pyu, BurmaJohn GuyJSS_085_0g_Guy_WarriorRulerSteleFromSriKsetra
Two engraved gems with combination monsters from Southeast AsiaSheila MiddletonJSS_085_0h_Middleton_TwoEngravedGemsWithMonsters
Circular sites at Angkor: a radar scattering modelElizabeth Moore and Anthony FreemanJSS_085_0i_MooreFreeman_CircularSitesAtAngkor
Archaeological research in the Malay PeninsulaMichel Jacq-Hergoualc'hJSS_085_0j_JacqHergoualch_ArchaologialResearchInMalayPeninsula
The discovery of clay-lined floors at an Iron Age site in Thailand - preliminary observations from Non Muang Kao, Nakhon Ratchasima ProvinceDougald O'ReillyJSS_085_0k_OReilly_ClayLinedFloorsAtIronAgeSite
The Khmer kilns of Ban Ya KhaDawn Rooney and Michael SmithiesJSS_085_0l_RooneySmithies_KhmerKilnsOfBanYaKha
Excavation at Bang Wang Hi, Lamphun Province, ThailandJean-Pierre Pautreau, Aude Matringhem, and Patricia MornaisJSS_085_0m_PautreauMatringhemMornais_ExcavationAtBanWangHi
The excavations of J.-Y. Claeys at Tra Kieu, Central Vietnam, 1927-28: from the unpublished archives of the EFEO, Paris, and records in the possession of the Claeys familyIan GloverJSS_085_0n_Glover_ExcavationsOfClaeys
Dharmakirti's Durbodhiiloka and the literature of SrivijayaPeter SkillingJSS_085_0o_Skilling_DharmakirtisDurbodhalokaAndLiteratureOfSriVijaya
Northeast Thailand from Prehistoric to Modern Times by Peter RogersReviewed by Ian MorsonJSS_085_0p_Reviews
Angkor Life by Stephen O. MurrayReviewed by Dawn RooneyJSS_085_0p_Reviews
Reporting Angkor: Chou Ta-Kuan in Cambodia, AD 1296-1297 by Robert PhillpotsReviewed by Dawn RooneyJSS_085_0p_Reviews
The Manchus by Pamela Kyle CrossleyReviewed by Peter SkillingJSS_085_0p_Reviews
Aerial Nationalism: a History of Aviation in Thailand by Edward M. YoungReviewed by Peter RogersJSS_085_0p_Reviews
Burmese Manuscripts Part 3 by Heinz BraunReviewed by Peter SkillingJSS_085_0p_Reviews
Handbook of Pali Literature by Oskar von HinuberReviewed by Peter SkillingJSS_085_0p_Reviews