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Volume. 88.0 2000

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PoemPhaitoon PhromwichitJSS_088_0a_Front
Obituary: Professor Anthony Thomas KirschO. W. WoltersJSS_088_0b_ObituaryATKirsch
Notes on the History of the Art of Mother-of-Pearl in Thailand with Particular Reference to the Doors on the Ubosot of Wat Phra ChetuphonKlaus WenkJSS_088_0d_Wenk_HistoryOfArtOfMotherOfPearl
Love Poems in Modem Thai NiratSuchitra ChongstitvatanaJSS_088_0e_SuchitraChongstitvatana_LovePoemsInModernThaiNirat
Ayedawbon Kyan, an Important Myanmar Literary Genre Recording Historical EventsUthaw KaungJSS_088_0f_UThawKaung_AyedawbonKyanImportantMyanmarLiteraryGenre
Excavations of Kilns Near the Old City of Si sat ch anal ai, Thailand: Prompt Redevelopment of Pottery ProductionKaren RandolphJSS_088_0g_Randolph_ExcavationOfKilnsNearSisatchanalai
Phu Phra Bat: A Remarkable Archaeological Site in Northeastern ThailandNandana ChutiwongsJSS_088_0h_NandanaChutiwongs_PhuPhraBat
Historical Writings, Historical Novels and Period Movies and Dramas: An Observation Concerning Burma in Thai Perception and UnderstandingSunait ChutintharanonJSS_088_0i_SunaitChutintharanon_HistoricalWritingsNovelsMoviesDramas
Changing Power and Positions of Mo Muang in Northern Thai Healing RitualsAnan GanjanapanJSS_088_0j_AnanGanjapan_ChangingPowerOfMoMuang
Intellectual Aspects of Strong Kingship in the Late Nineteenth CenturyAttachak SattayanurakJSS_088_0k_AttachakSattayanurak_IntellectualAspectsOfStrongKingship
The Ancestral Spirit Forest (Don Pu Ta) and the Role Behavior of Elders (Thao Cham) in Northeastern ThailandBoonyong KettateJSS_088_0l_BoonyongKettate_AncestralSpiritForest
Madame Constance's JewelsMichael SmithiesJSS_088_0m_Smithies_MadameConstancesJewels
New Light on Early Cambodian BuddhismNancy DowlingJSS_088_0n_Dowling_NewLightOnEarlyCambodianBuddhism
Creative Engagement: SujavalJlJa Wua Luang and Its Contribution to Buddhist LiteratureJustin McdanielJSS_088_0o_McDaniel_CreativeEngagementSujavannaWuaLuang
Shanguo is not a Shan Kingdom: To Correct a Mistake Related to the Early History of Tai-speaking Peoples in China and Mainland Southeast AsiaHe PingJSS_088_0p_HePing_ShanguoIsNotShanKingdom
Persian Religious and Cultural Influence in Siam/Thailand and Maritime Southeast Asia in Historical Perspective: A Plea for a Concerted Interdisciplinary ApproachMuhammad Ismail MarcinkowskiJSS_088_0q_Marcinkowski_PersianReligiousCulturalInfluences
Rules for Interpolation in the Thai Calendar: Suriyayatra Versus the SasanaJ.C. EadeJSS_088_0r_Eade_RulesForInterpolationInThaiCalendar
Note: Dedication for the Ubosot at Wat Sa Bua KaeoJSS_088_0s_DedicationOfUbosotAtWatSaBuaKaeo
Note: An Approach to the Study of Contemporary Earthenware Technology in Mainland Southeast AsiaLouise Cort And Leedom LeffertsJSS_088_0t_LeffertsCort_EarthenwareTechnologyInMainlandSoutheastAsia
Note: Thai Ceramics, Lan Na and Sawanakalok: An Interview with John ShawRay HearnJSS_088_0u_Hearn_ThaiCeramicsLanNaAndSawankalok
Note: The Incredible Journey of the Wa From 1949 to 2005John DaltonJSS_088_0v_Dalton_IncredibleJourneyOfWa
Hjorfeifur Jonsson, Yao Design of Northern Thailand, Jacqueline Butler-Diaz; Patterns on Textiles of the Ethnic Group of Vietnam, Diep Trung Binh; Lao Mien Embroidery: Migration and Change, Ann Yarwood Goldman; Botschaften an die Gotter: Religiose Handschriften der Yao; Siidchina, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Thomas O. HCillmann and Michael Freidrich; Yao Ceremonial Paintings, Jacques Lemoine; Peoples of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes of Thailand, Paul Lewis and Elaine Lewis.JSS_088_0w_ReviewArticles
Ronald D. Renard, The Haw: Traders of the Golden Triangle, Andrew Forbes; The Aka: Guardians of the Forest, Jim Goodman; Children of the Jade Dragon: The Naxi of Lijian and Their Mountain Neighbors the Yi, Jim Goodman; Khon Muang: People and Principalities of North Thailand, Andrew Forbes David Henley; The Kachin: Lords of Burma's Northern Frontier, Bertil Lintner.JSS_088_0w_ReviewArticles
Don McCaskill and Ken Kampe, editors, Development or Domestication? Indigenous Peoples of Southeast AsiaReviewed By Susan M. DarlingtonJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Michaael Smithies, A Siamese Embassy Lost in Africa 1686: The Odyssey of Ok-khun ChamnanReviewed By Dhiravat Na PombejraJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Robert Challe, Journal du voyage des Indes Orientales Monsieur Pierre Raymond, suivi de la relation de ce qui est arrive dans le royaume de Siam en 1688Reviewed By Michael SmithiesJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Shigetomi, Shin'ichi, Cooperation and Community in Rural Thailand: An Organizational Analysis of Participatory Rural DevelopmentReviewed By Michael M. CalavanJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Luo Yongxian, A Dictionary of DehongReviewed By Pranee KullavanijayaJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Fleur Brofos, Laos RootsReviewed By David SnellgroveJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Bruce Reynolds, Thailand and Japan's Southern Advance 1940-1945Reviewed By Ronald D. RenardJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Alain Forest, Les Missionnaires francais au Tonkin et au Siam XVIIe-XVIIIe siecles: Analyse comparee d’un relatif succes et d'un echec totalReviewed By Michael SmithiesJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Hans Penth, Phanphen Khriiathai, Silao Ketphrom, Corpus of Lan Na Inscriptions, Vol. 3Reviewed By Peter SkillingJSS_088_0x_Reviews
Heinz Bechert, editor, Sanskrithandschriflen aus den Turfanfunden, Teil 8, Die Katalognummern 1800-1900Reviewed By Peter SkillingJSS_088_0x_Reviews