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Volume. 90 2002

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From Yue to TaiChris BakerJSS_090_0b_Baker_YueToThai
The Costume of the Tai Sai WomenBernard FormosoJSS_090_0c_Formoso_CostumeOfTaiSaiWomen
Tilling the Lord's Vineyard and Defending Portuguese Interests:Towards a Critical Reading of Father S. Manrique's Account of ArakanJacques P. LeiderJSS_090_0d_Leider_FatherManriquesAccountOfArakan
The Seizure of the Santa Antonio at Patani.VOC Freebooting, the Estado da India and Peninsular Politics, 1602-1609Peter BorschbergJSS_090_0e_Borschberg_SeizureOfSantoAntonioAtPatani
Accounts of the Makassar Revolt, 1686Michael SmithiesJSS_090_0f_Smithies_AccountOfMakasarRevolt
Intellectuals and the Establishment of Identities in the Thai Absolute Monarchy StateSaichol SattayanurakJSS_090_0g_SaicholSattayanurak_IntellectualsAndIdentities
Instructions Given to the Siamese Envoys Sent to Portugal, 1684Michael Smithies & Dhiravat Na PombejraJSS_090_0h_SmithiesDhiravat_InstrucutionsToSiameseEnvoysToPo
The Ramayana Drama in MyanmarU Tthaw KaungJSS_090_0i_UThawKaung_RamayanaDramaInMyanmar
Le mul kammatthan du Wat Ratchathiwat date de 1661 A.D.: presentation et traductionOuvier De BernonJSS_090_0j_Bernon_MulKammatthanDuWatRatchathiwat
Des Hommes aux Dieux: Boissons Ferrnentees, Rituelles et Festives D' Asie du Sud-est et Au-DelaPierre Le RouxJSS_090_0k_Roux_DesHommesAuxDieux
Terence R. Blackbum The British Humiliation of BurmaReviewed by Reinhard HohlerJSS_090_0l_Reviews
Pinkaew Laungaramsri Redefining Nature: Karen Ecological Knowledge and the Challenge to the Modern Conservation ParadigmReviewed by Hjorleifur JonssonJSS_090_0l_Reviews
Wajuppa Tossa Phya Khankhaak, the Toad King: A Translation of an Isan Fertility Myth into English VerseReviewed by Katherine A. BowieJSS_090_0l_Reviews
Michel Gilguin Les Musulmans de ThailandeReviewed by Carool KerstenJSS_090_0l_Reviews
Shigeharu Tanabe & Charles F. Keyes Cultural Crisis and Social memory: Modernity and Identity in Thailand and LaosReviewed by Chris BakerJSS_090_0l_Reviews