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1 December 2023

Kamthieng House Museum Temporary Closure

After a considerable amount of delay, we are pleased to inform you that a group of highly experienced artisans, specialising in the area of conservation of historical buildings, will now commence their works in restoring our beloved Kamthieng House Museum to its former glory.

In this regard, Kamthieng House Museum will be temporarily closed to the general public from Thursday, 30 December 2023, until further notice. We expect the closure to last between the period of 10-12 months.

Being over 180 years old, Kamthieng House Museum is currently in a fragile state. Surrounding elements, including large-scale constructions in the immediate vicinity, have also contributed to the deterioration of the structural stability of the main building. Therefore, a substantial amount of funding will be needed to carry out the work in strengthening the core structure of the museum building.

In light of this, we highly appreciate any amount of contribution towards this important project. For your convenience, donations can be made via transferring money to “THE SIAM SOCIETY” TMBThanachart Bank (ttb), Asoke Branch, Savings Account No. 053-2-03946-8 or via the following QR code.

Please kindly send us a copy of the transfer slip in order for us to issue an acknowledgement of your donations.