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Vol. 12 No.1, 1939

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Exploring and Explorers of Plant Life

Early Botanists in Thailand.

A. Kerr NHBSS_012_1d_Kerr_EarlyBotanistsInThai

Exploring Hills near Chantabun and Krat.

Hayes A. Kerr NHBSS_012_1e_Kerr_ExploringHillsNearC

Bladderwort (Utricularia) as an ” Insect Trap”

Boon Chuay Indrambarya NHBSS_012_1f_Indrambarya_BladderwortUt

Development of Soil and Land Resources

Some Interrelations Between Argiculture and Forestry Particularly in Thailand.

Robert L. Pendleton NHBSS_012_1g_Pendleton_SomeInterrelati

Natural Treasures and Their Utilization.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_012_1h_Viehoever_NaturalTreasu

Records of Animal life

Thai Earthworms.

G.E. Gates NHBSS_012_1i_Gates_ThaiEarthworms

Neue Staphpyliniden aus Thailand.

Max Bernhauer NHBSS_012_1j_Bernhauer_NeueStaphpylin

Description of New Coleoptera and Note on Eletica castanea Thom.

Hamburg Borchmann NHBSS_012_1k_Borchmann_NewColeopteraE

Errata. Vol. XI No.2, The Butterflies of Siam.

D.M. Noel-Davidson & J.J. Macbeth NHBSS_012_1l_Davidson_ErrataVolXINo2

External Sexual Characters of Pla Salid (Trichopodus pectoralis).

Boon Chuay Indrambarya NHBSS_012_1m_Indrambarya_ExternalSexu

The Value of Wild Life.

Ambrose Pratt NHBSS_012_1n_Pratt_TheValueOfWildLife

Birds from Siam and the Malay Peninsula in The U.S. National Museum.

J.H. Riley NHBSS_012_1o_Riley_BirdsFromSiamAndThe

Antlers of the Malayan Sambar.

U.L. Guehler NHBSS_012_1p_Guehler_AntlersOfTheMalay

Molar of a Mammoth (Elephas primigenius?)

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_012_1q_Viehoever_MolarOfAMammot

Progress in Human and Animal Welfare

Leprosy in Siam.

J. Martin Oberdoerffer NHBSS_012_1r_Oberdoerffer_LeprosyInSiam

Modern Medicine Men.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_012_1s_Viehoever_ModernMedicine

The Life-Story of ” Tua Chid” (Gnathostoma spinigerum owen).

Svasti Daengsvang NHBSS_012_1t_Daengsvang_TheLifeStoryOf

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