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Vol. 13 No.1, 1941

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Impressions of the Philippines and of the United States.

Robert L. Pendleton NHBSS_013_1a_Pendleton_ImpressionsOfTh

Mineral Resources of Thailand.

Smak Buravas NHBSS_013_1b_Buravas_MineralResources

Notes on the Scented Woods of Thailand.

A. Kerr NHBSS_013_1c_Kerr_NotesOnTheScentedWo

Another Note on the Schomburgk-Deer.

U. Guehler NHBSS_013_1d_Guehler_AnotherNoteOnThe

Some Synonymic Corrections of Thai Buprestidae.

C. Tongyai NHBSS_013_1e_Tongyai_SomeSynonymicCorr

A Bibliography of Thai Ornithology, 1758-1939.

H.G. Deignan NHBSS_013_1f_Deignan_ABibliographyOfTh

Helminth Parasites of Man and Animals.

F.W. Withers NHBSS_013_1g_Withers_HelminthParasite

Helminthic (intestinal worm) infection in Rural Chiangmai

U.D. Sandhninand NHBSS_013_1h_Sandhninand_HelminthicIn

Experiences with the Percutaneus Bee-Poison Therapy in Thailand

Rudolf Hofbauer NHBSS_013_1i_Hofbauer_ExperiencesWith

Reviews of Books

Birds from Northern Thailand. by James C. Greenway, Jr.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_013_1j_Viehoever_BirdsFromNort

Revision of the Eastern Asiatic Myrsinaceae. by E.H. Walker.

Arno ViehoeverNHBSS_013_1k_Viehoever_RevisionOfTheEa

The Gibbons of Northern Thailand. by H.J. Coolidge, Jr.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_013_1l_Viehoever_TheGibbonsOfNor

Mammals (Men and Plants) of Northern Thailand Mountains. by G.M. Allen & H.J. Coolidge.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_013_1m_Viehoever_MammalsMenAndP