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Vol. 21, No. 3 & 4, 1966

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Teak Beehole Borer and the Control Research in Thailand.

Dumrong Chaiglom NHBSS_021_3-4e_Chaiglom_TeakBeeholeBore

Checklist of the Moss Collection in the Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department, Bangkok.

P.P. Tixier & Tem Smitinand NHBSS_021_3-4f_Tixier_ChecklistOfTheMo

A Note on the Toxicity of the Horseshoe Crab in the Gulf of Thailand.

A.H. Banner & Betty Jane Stephens NHBSS_021_3-4g_Banner_ANoteOnTheToxicit

A Botanical Ascent of Doi Inthanond.

R.G. Robbins & T. Smitinand NHBSS_021_3-4h_Robbins_ABotanicalAscent

The Occurence of the Pied Stonechat (Saxicola Caprata burmanicus Stuart Baker) in Eastern and Southeastern Thailand.

Kitti Thonglongya NHBSS_021_3-4i_Thonglongya_TheOccurence

Relationships of Certain Owls around the Pacific.

J.T. Marshall, Jr. NHBSS_021_3-4j_Marshall_RelationshipsOfC

Notes upon a Collection of Birds Made by Frank Gill Esq. off the West Coast of Peninsular Thailand.

E.C. Dickinson NHBSS_021_3-4k_Dickinson_NotesUponAColle

Report on the Flora of Thailand Project–I. Expedition.

Kai Larsen & Esbern Warncke NHBSS_021_3-4l_Larsen_ReportOnTheFlora

Notes on Breeding the Australian Black Swan in Bangkok.

J.A. Tubb NHBSS_021_3-4m_Tubb_NotesOnBreedingTheA

Report on the Thai–Dutch Botanical Expedition 1965/1966.

E. Hennipman & A. Touw NHBSS_021_3-4n_Hennipman_ReportOnTheThai

Available Climatological Information for the Khorat Plateau Northeastern Thailand.

Larry Sternstein NHBSS_021_3-4o_Sternstein_AvailableClima

Notes on the Island of Bawean (Java Sea) with Special Reference to the Birds.

A. Hoogerwerf NHBSS_021_3-4p_Hoogerwerf_NotesOnTheIsl

Notes and News

The Flora of Thailand Project. Report on the Work in 1966.

Tem Smitinand & Kai Larsen NHBSS_021_3-4q_Smitinand_TheFloraOfThail

Confirmation of Two Colour Phases of the Tentacled Snake (Erpeton tentaculatum).

Paul Soderberg NHBSS_021_3-4r_Soderberg_ConfirmationOfT

The Proper Scientific Name of the Hamadryad or King Cobra.

Paul Soderberg NHBSS_021_3-4s_Soderberg_TheProperScient

A Case of Death by Misadventure in the House Swift (Apus affinis).

E.C.D. NHBSS_021_3-4t_ECD_ACaseOfDeathByMisadve

A Mixed Breeding Colony of Bee-Eaters and Sand-Martins.

E.C.D. NHBSS_021_3-4u_ECD_AMixedBreedingColonyO

A Nest of the Red-Capped Forktail (Enicurus ruficapillus).

E.C.D. NHBSS_021_3-4v_ECD_ANestOfTheRedCappedFo


Study on the Termites of Thailand.

T.S. NHBSS_021_3-4w_TS_StudyOnTheTermitesOfTha

Nature Studies of Southeast Asia.

T.S. NHBSS_021_3-4x_TS_NatureStudiesOfSouth



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