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Vol. 23, No. 3, 1970

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Front cover NHBSS_023_3a_FrontCover
Frontispiece (PlateXIX) NHBSS_023_3b_FrontispiecePlateXIX
We Remember Bert. Pue Rochanapurananda NHBSS_023_3f_Rochanapurananda_WeRemembe
In Memoriam: Herbert Girton Deignan. Herbert Friedmann NHBSS_023_3g_Friedmann_InMemoriamHerbe
Variation in the Trachea of the Cracidae (Galliformes) in Relation to Their Classification. Dean Amadon NHBSS_023_3h_Amadon_VariationInTheTrac
Remarques sur les affinités des Avifaunes Forestières en Asie et Afrique Tropicales. J. Berlioz NHBSS_023_3i_Berlioz_RemarquesSurLesAf
A Selection of Notes on the Broad Trends of Dispersal Mostly of Old world Avifauna. Leon Croizat NHBSS_023_3j_Croizat_ASelectionOfNotes
The Contribution of Gilbert Tirant to Indochinese Ornithology. J. Delacour NHBSS_023_3k_Delacour_TheContribution
Three Notes on Thai Birds. H. Elliott McClure NHBSS_023_3l_McClure_ThreeNotesOnThaiB
A Revision of the Philippine Trogon (Harpactes ardens). Kenneth C. Parkes NHBSS_023_3m_Parkes_ARevisionOfThePhil
Species Formation in the Blue Monarch Flycatchers Genus Hypothymis. A.L. Rand NHBSS_023_3n_Rand_SpeciesFormationIn
A New Form of Rail from the Celebes. S. Dillon Ripley NHBSS_023_3o_Ripley_ANewFormOfRailFr
On the Generic Classification of the Weaver Birds of the Malimbus–Ploceus Group. H.E. Wolters NHBSS_023_3p_Wolters_OnTheGenericC
A Comparison of Asiatic and North American Sapsuckers. R.L. Zusi & J.T. Marshall NHBSS_023_3q_Zusi_AComparisonOfAsiatic
An Annotated List of the Publications of the Late Herbert Girton Deignan (1906-1968). E.C. Dickinson NHBSS_023_3r_Dickinson_AnAnnotatedLis
Back coverNHBSS_023_3s_BackCover