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Vol. 29, 1981

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Front cover NHBSS_029_a_FrontCover
Elephant Populations in Thailand. Philip J. Storer NHBSS_029_d_Storer_ElephantPopulation
Reactions of Captive Gibbons to Natural Habitat and Wild Conspecifics after Release. Markpol Tingpalapong, William T. Watson, Richard E. Whitmire, Frank E. Chapple & Joe T. Marshall, Jr. NHBSS_029_e_Tingpalapong_ReactionsOfCa
Abundance and Habitat Preferences of Small Mammals in Southwestern Thailand. Gary J. Wiles NHBSS_029_f_Wiles_AbundanceAndHabitat
Teak (Tectona grandis Linn. f) Its Natural Distribution and Related Factors. Apichart Kaosa-ard NHBSS_029_g_KaosaArd_TeakTectonaGrand
Notes on the Pegu Sparrow, Passer flaveolus. D. Summers-Smith NHBSS_029_h_SummersSmith_NotesOnThePe
The Spices and Essential Oil Crops of Thailand. T. Smitinand & T. Santisuk NHBSS_029_i_Smitinand_TheSpicesAndEss
The Agile Gibbon in South Thailand. Joe T. Marshall NHBSS_029_j_Marshall_TheAgileGibbonIn
Population Genetics and Demography of the Domestic Cat (Felis catus L.: Carnivora, Felidae) in Thailand. Robert Fagen & Kumpol Meeswat NHBSS_029_k_Fagen_PopulationGeneticsA
Insect Pollination of Bamboos. J.K. Jackson NHBSS_029_l_Jackson_InsectPollination
Miscellaneous Bulbul Field Notes (Aves: Pycnonotidae) from Thailand C.B. Frith NHBSS_029_m_Frith_MiscellaneousBulbul
Utilization of a Single Brief Termite Eruption by Predators C.B. Frith NHBSS_029_n_Frith_UtilizationOfASingl
Some New Bird Records from Phuket Province, Thailand. D. Summers-Smith NHBSS_029_o_SummersSmith_SomeNew
Literature Reviews T. Smitinand NHBSS_029_p_Smitinand_LiteratureRevie
Book Reviews
Pheasants in Asia. by C. Savage. Jeffrey A. Sayer NHBSS_029_q_Sayer_PheasantsInAsia
Back coverNHBSS_029_r_BackCover