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Vol. 32, No. 2, 1984

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Editorial boardNHBSS_032_2c_EditorialBoard
Vocal Interaction between Two Male Gibbons, Hylobates lar. J.J. Raemaekers & P.M. Raemaekers NHBSS_032_2e_Raemaekers_VocalInteracti
Range Extension of the Crocodile Salamander, Tylototriton verrucosus, to Phu Luang, Thailand. Thosaporn Wongratana NHBSS_032_2f_Wongratana_RangeExtension
A New Species of Toad, Ansonia siamensis (Bufonidae), from the Isthmus of Kra, Thailand. Kiew Bong Heang NHBSS_032_2g_Heang_ANewSpeciesOfToadA
Notes on Growth and Behavioural Development of Young Palm Civets (Viverridae : Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) in Captivity. Velvet E. Douglas NHBSS_032_2h_Douglas_NotesOnGrowthAndB
Coevolution. ed. by D.J. Futuyma & M. Slatkin. Rauf Ali NHBSS_032_2i_Ali_Coevolution
Tropical Forested Watersheds: Hydrologic and Soils Response to Major Uses or Conversions. by L.S. Hamilton with P.N. King. Rauf Ali NHBSS_032_2j_Ali_TropicalForestedWater
Botanical Literature. T. Smitinand NHBSS_032_2k_Smitinand_BotanicalLitera
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