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Vol. 37, No. 2, 1989

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A Transect Survey of Monsoon Forest in Doi Suthep–Pui National Park.

Stephen Elliott, J.F. Maxwell & Ookaew Prakobvitayakit Beaver NHBSS_037_2e_Elliott_ATransectSurveyOf

The Monotypic Family Bretschneideraceae Newly Recorded for Thailand.

Thawatchai Santisuk NHBSS_037_2f_Santisuk_TheMonotypicFami

Botanical Notes on the Vascular Flora of Chiang Mai Province, Thailand.

J.F. Maxwell NHBSS_037_2g_Maxwell_BotanicalNotesOnT

Lardizabalaceae: New Plant Family for Thailand ‘Predicted’ by Rare Moth on Doi Suthep.

Hans Bänziger NHBSS_037_2h_Banziger_LardizabalaceaeN

A Preliminary Study on Sea Snakes (Hydrophiidae) from Phuket Harbour, Phuket Island, Thailand.

Somchai Bussarawit, A.R. Rasmussen & M. Andersen NHBSS_037_2i_Bussarawit_APreliminarySt

First Record of Oceanic Squid, Thysanoteuthis rhombus Troschel, 1857 (Cephalopoda: Teuthoidea) in Thai Waters.

Anuwat Nateewathana & Jorgen Hylleberg NHBSS_037_2j_Nateewathana_FirstRecordO

The Density and Behavior of Large Cats in a Dry Tropical Forest Mosaic in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand.

Alan Rabinowitz NHBSS_037_2k_Rabinowitz_TheDensityAndB


A Sighting of the Back-striped Weasel (Mustela strigidorsa) in Northern Thailand.

Uthai Treesucon NHBSS_037_2l_Tressucon_ASightingOfThe

A Record of the Red-headed Krait, Bungarus flaviceps, in Ranong Province, Southern Thailand.

Philip D. Round & Uthai Treesucon NHBSS_037_2m_Round_ARecordOfTheRedHead

The Occurrence of the Rain Quail, Coturnix coromandelica, in North-East Thailand.

Iain Robertson NHBSS_037_2n_Robertson_TheOccurrenceO


Biodiversity. ed. by Edward O. Wilson & Frances M. Peter.

David S. Woodruff NHBSS_037_2o_Woodruff_Biodiversity

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