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Vol. 62, No. 1, 2017

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Obituary NHBSS_062_1c_Obituary
Research articles:
Additions to the Moss Floras of Mindanao and the Philippines with a Focus on the Rediscovery of Euptychium setigerum Benito C. Tan, James R. Shevock, Andrea G. Azuelo and Lesley Lubos NHBSS_062_1d_Benito
Diplycosia kitangladensis sp. nov. from Mindanao, the Philippines, and a Taxonomic Reassessment of D. trinervia Peter W. Fritsch and Victor B. Amoroso NHBSS_062_1e_Fritsch
A New Species of Strobilanthes (Acanthaceae) from Western Thailand J. R. I. Wood and R. W. Scotland NHBSS_062_1f_Wood
J. F. Maxwell’s Contribution to Botanical Specimen Collection and the Taxonomy of Melastomataceae Lahiru S. Wijedasa NHBSS_062_1g_Wijedasa
Memecylon maxwellii (Melastomataceae), a New Species of Limestone Endemic Woody Tree Lahiru S. Wijedasa NHBSS_062_1h_Wijedasa
Revisiting Astrocalyx Merr. (Astronieae: Melastomataceae): New Morphological Observations on the Philippine Endemic, Enigmatic, Endangered and Monotypic Genus Jeffrey P. Mancera, Darin S. Penneys and Fulgent P. Coritico NHBSS_062_1i_Mancera
Economic Importance of Oleoresin (Dipterocarpus alatus) to Forest-Adjacent Households in Cambodia Anne-Mette Hüls Dyrmose, Nerea Turreira-Garcia NHBSS_062_1j_Dyrmose
Diversity, Knowledge, and Use of Leafy Vegetables in Northern Thailand—Maintenance and Transmission of Ethnobotanical Knowledge during Urbanisation Nerea Turreira-García, Anna M. Vilkamaa, Anja Byg and Ida Theilade NHBSS_062_1k_TurreiraGarcia
The Aroid Scarab Peltonotus nasutus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Thailand and its Association with Amorphophallus paeoniifolius (Araceae) Robert W. Sites NHBSS_062_1l_Sites
The Published Works of James F. Maxwell NHBSS_062_1m_Maxwell