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Vol. 63, No. 1, 2018

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Cover photo: A male of Burmese Roofed Turtle (Batagur trivittata) in breeding coloration. The species is endemic to Myanmar and assessed as Critically Endangered by IUCN (photograph by Kalyar Platt). See article by Steven G. Platt et al.





The Interface Between Forest Science and Policy —A Review of the IUFRO International and Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference, 4‒7 October 2016: Forestry-related Policy and Governance: Analyses in the Environmental Social Sciences

Stephen Elliott nhbss_063_1c_Elliot

Where Science Meets Communities: Developing Forest Restoration Approaches for Northern Thailand

Stephen Elliott, Sutthathorn Chairuangsri, Dia Shannon, Phuttida Nippanon and Ratthaphon Amphon nhbss_063_1d_Elliot

Unregulated Trade in Land Hermit Crabs in Thailand

Thanakhom Bundhitwongrut nhbss_063_1e_Bundhitwongrut

Research articles:

A Small Collection of Thai Mosses Made by J. F. Maxwell at the Herbarium of California Academy of Sciences in United States

Benito C. Tan and Narin Printarakul nhbss_063_1f_Tan

Contributions to the Flora of Myanmar II: New Records of Eight Woody Species from Tanintharyi Region, Southern Myanmar

Shuichiro Tagane, Nobuyuki Tanaka, Mu Mu Aung, Akiyo Naiki and Tetsukazu Yahara nhbss_063_1g_Tagane

Mosses New to Vietnam

Hiroyuki Akiyama, Thien-Tam Luong and Nhat-Lam Dinh nhbss_063_1h_Akiyama

Field Records of Turtles, Snakes and Lizards in Myanmar (2009–2017) with Natural History Observations and Notes on Folk Herpetological Knowledge

Steven G. Platt, George R. Zug, Kalyar Platt, Win Ko Ko, Khin Myo Myo, Me Me Soe, Tint Lwin, Myo Min Win, Swann Htet Naing Aung, Nay Win Kyaw, Htun Thu, Kyaw Thu Zaw Wint, Peter Paul van Dijk, Brian D. Horne and Thomas R. Rainwater nhbss_063_1i_Platt