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Vol. 64, No. 2, 2022

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Cover photo: Pycnonotus blanfordi (upper left), Oriolus chinensis (upper right), Chalcophaps indica (lower left) and P. aurigaster (lower right), potential seed dispersers that were found to occur both in regenerating logged evergreen forest and abandoned rubber plantation habitats in Rayong (photographs by Prasit Wongprom). See article by Kulvadee Kansuntisukmongkol et al., page 5–48.






Research articles:

A Comparison of Forest Regeneration in an Abandoned Rubber Plantation and Logged-over Forest with Implications for Forest ecosystem Restoration in Southeast Thailand

Kulvadee Kansuntisukmongkol, Warren Y. Brockelman, Prasit Wongprom and James F. Maxwellnhbss_064_2d_Kansuntisukmongkol

Discovery of Chitala lopis (Actinopterygii: Notopteridae) from the Pasak River, Chao Phraya River System, Central Thailand

Prachya Musikasinthorn and Nantich Ngamtampongnhbss_064_2e_Musikasinthorn


Beach Debris Causing Death of Land Hermit Crabs (Anomura, Coenobitidae)

Thanakhom Bundhitwongrutnhbss_064_2f_Bundhitwongrut

Book reviews:

Vampire Moths: Behaviour, Ecology and Taxonomy of Blood-sucking Calyptra by Hans Bänziger

Andreas Erhardtnhbss_064_2g_Erhardt

Fishes of the Indochinese Mekong by Yasuhiko Taki et al. (eds.)

Randal A. Singernhbss_064_2h_Singer