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Volume. 23.2 1929-30

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Obituary Sir Ernest SatowJSS_023_2b_ObituaryESatow
Adversaria of Elephant Hunting, (together with an account of all the rites, observances and acts of worship to be performed in connection therewith, as well as notes on vocabularies of spirit language, fake or taboo language and elephant command words)Indra Montri Srichandrakumara, Phya (Francis H. Giles)JSS_023_2c_PhyaIndraMontri_AdversariaOfElephantHunting
Note sur le nom du Cap LiantBurnay, J.JSS_023_2d_Burnay_NomDuCapLiant
De l'Origine des Echelles Musicales Javano- BalinaisesKunst, J.JSS_023_2e_Kunst_OrigineDesEchellesMusicalesJavanoBalinaises
A Virtue Ascribed to an ElephantKerr, A.F.G.JSS_023_2f_NotesAndQueries