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Volume. 37.1 1948

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Notes on old Siamese CoinsGuehler, UlrichJSS_037_1b_Guehler_OldSiameseCoins
The Shadow-Play as a Possible Origin of the Masked-PlayDhani Nivat, H.H. PrinceJSS_037_1c_PrinceDhani_ShadowPlayAsPossibleOriginOfMaskedPlay
Kickball and some other Parallels between Siam and MicronesiaEmbree, John F.JSS_037_1d_Embree_KickballAndOtherParallelsBetweenSiamAndMicronesia
The Aesthetics of Buddhist SculptureFeroci, C.JSS_037_1e_Feroci_AestheticsOfBuddhistSculpture
A Literary Device Common to Homer and the East (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrinceJSS_037_1f_Notes
Kingship and Enthronement in Malaya (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrinceJSS_037_1f_Notes
A Ceylonese Version of the Story of Rama (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrinceJSS_037_1f_Notes
Buddhism in Ceylon (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrinceJSS_037_1f_Notes
A Portrait of Constance Phaulkon (Notes)Dhani Nivat, H.H. PrinceJSS_037_1f_Notes
Annual ReportJSS_037_1h_AnnualReport