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Volume. 81.1 1993

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A History of Sukhothai Art: A Framework in Need of RevisionKraikrish, PiriyaJSS_081_1b_PiriyaKrairiksh_HistoriographyOfSukhothaiArt
The Mangrai Buddha Image of Chiang Mai: A Computer-Assisted RereadingEade, J.C.JSS_081_1c_Eade_MangraiBuddhaImage
Other Peoples' Pasts: Western Archaeologists and Thai PrehistoryGlover, IanJSS_081_1d_Glover_OtherPeoplesPasts
Beads of Myanmer (Burma): Line Decorared Beads Amongst the Pyu and ChinMoore, Elizabeth, and U Aung MyintJSS_081_1e_MooreMyint_BeadsOfMyanmar
Robert Challe and SiamSmithies, MichaelJSS_081_1f_Smithies_RobertChalleAndSiam
Who Was Maha Thevi?Stuart-Fox, MartinJSS_081_1g_StuartFox_WhoWasMahaThevi
Hill Tribes and CatholicsWebb, RAF. PaulJSS_081_1h_Webb_HilltribesAndCatholics
Ancestors and Christians in Rural Northern ThailandFordham, GrahamJSS_081_1i_Fordham_AncestorsAndChristiansInNThailand
The Kings' MikadoWyatt, David K.JSS_081_1j_Wyatt_KingsMikado
Some Comments on a Northern Phra Malai Text Dated C.S. 878 (AD. 1516) (Note)Brereton, BonnieJSS_081_1k_Brereton_NorthernPhraMalaiText
New Light on Shadows: The Use of Shadow Theater as a Technique in Psychotherapy (Note)Brereton, Derek P.JSS_081_1l_Brereton_NewLightOnShadows