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Volume. 91 2003

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Trade, Culture, and Society in Thailand before 1200 ADHelen JamesJSS_091_0b_James_TradeCultureSocietyBefore1200
Before Angkor: Early Communities in Northeast ThailandSusan TalbotJSS_091_0c_Talbot_BeforeAngkorEarlyCommunitiesInNEThailand
On Rice and Rice Fields in Old Lan NaHans PenthJSS_091_0d_Penth_RiceAndRicefieldsInOldLanna
Eclipses in Siam 1685 and 1688, and their RepresentationMichael SmithiesJSS_091_0e_Smithies_EclipsesIn1685And1686
Health Care Development in a Changing Thai Society: Beyond the PhysicalMarco RoncaratiJSS_091_0f_Roncarati_HealthCareDevelopment
Ban Maha Phai and Phrae Dam: from Silent Movie to Novel?David SmythJSS_091_0g_Smyth_BanMahaPhaiAndPhraeDam
The First Printed Sentence in Thai: 1646Luigi BressanJSS_091_0h_Bressan_FirstPrintedSentenceInThai
Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h The Malay Peninsula: Crossroads of the Maritime Silk Road (1OO BC-1300AD)Reviewed by Stuart Munro-HayJSS_091_0i_Reviews
Sao Saimong Mangrai The Padang Chronicle and the Jentung State ChronicleReviewed by David K. WyattJSS_091_0i_Reviews
Edmund Roberts and W.S.W. Ruschenberger Two Yankee Diplomats in 1930s SiamReviewed by Stephen J. YoungJSS_091_0i_Reviews
Tanno Rajasaari Vapour Trails: Tales from rural ThailandReviewed by John HaylockJSS_091_0i_Reviews
Ashley South Mon nationalism and Civil War in Burma: The Golden SheldrakeReviewed by Bertil LintnerJSS_091_0i_Reviews
Benedict Anderson, ed. Violence and the State in Suharto's IndonesiaReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_091_0i_Reviews
John N. Miksic, ed. Earthenware in Southeast Asia: Proceedings of the Singapore Symposium on Premodern Southeast Asia EarthenwaresReviewed by Dawn F. RooneyJSS_091_0i_Reviews
Nicola Tannenbaum and Cornelia A. Kammerer, eds. Founders' Cults in Southeast Asia: Ancestors, Polity, and IdentityReviewed by Karl E. WeberJSS_091_0i_Reviews
James T. Siegel and Audrey R. Kathin, eds. Southeast Asia over Three Generations. Essays presented to Benedict R. O'G. AndersonReviewed by Karl E. WeberJSS_091_0i_Reviews
[Obituaries] H.S.H. Prince Subhadradis DiskulJSS_091_0j_ObituaryPrinceSubhadradisDiskul