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Volume. 94 2006

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Royal visit to the Siam SocietyJSS_094_0b_RoyalVisitToTheSiamSociety
Siamese-Korean relations in the late fourteenth centuryHung-Guk ChoJSS_094_0c_Cho_SiameseKoreanRelationsInLate14thCentury
Burma: Shan domination in the Ava period (c. AD 1310-1555)Aye ChanJSS_094_0d_AyeChan_BurmaShanDominationInAvaPeriod
Whirligig of diplomacy: a tale of Thai-Portuguese relations, 1613-9Kennon BreazealeJSS_094_0e_Breazeale_WhirligigOfDiplomacyThaiPortugueseRelat
Lahu Nyi (Red Lahu) village temples and their Buddhist affiliationsAnthony WalkerJSS_094_0f_Walker_LahuNyiVillageTemplesAndBuddhistAffiliatio
Remembering local history: Kuba Wajiraphanya (c. AD 1853-1928)Andrew TurtonJSS_094_0g_Turton_RememberingLocalHistoryKubaWajiraphanya
A visit to Siam in 1650 (with introduction)Jan Janszoon StruysJSS_094_0h_Struys_VisitToSiam1650
[Note] The Abbe de Chaila 1648-1702Michael SmithiesJSS_094_0i_Smithies_AbbeDeChaila
Betty Gosling, Origins of Thai ArtReviewed by Pattaratorn ChirapravatiJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Chris Baker, Dhiravat na Pombejra, Alfons van der Kraan and David K. Wyatt, eds. Van Vliet's SiamReviewed by Anthony ReidJSS_094_0j_Reviews
B.J. Terweil, Thailand's Political History: From the Fall of Ayutthaya to Recent TimesReviewed by Chris BakerJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit, A History of ThailandReviewed by Michael WrightJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Santanee Phasuk and Philip Stott, Royal Siamese Maps: War and Trade in Nineteenth Century ThailandReviewed by Thomas SuarezJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Philip Comwel-Smith, Very Thai: everyday popular cultureReviewed by William WarrenJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Donald M. Stadtner, Ancient Pagan: Buddhist Plain of MeritReviewed by Pamela GutmanJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Sheila E. Hoey Middleton, Intaglios, Cameos, Rings and Related Objects from Burma and Java: the White Collection and another small private collectionReviewed by Pamela GutmanJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Sanskrithandschriften aus der Turfanfunden Teil 9; Birmanische Handschriften Teil5; Handschriften der Yao TeillReviewed by Oskar Von HinuberJSS_094_0j_Reviews
J. Took, A Native Chieftaincy in Southwest ChinaReviewed by Anthony DillerJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Patricia Cheesman, Lao-Tai Textiles: The Textiles ofXam Nuea and Muang PhuanReviewed by Martin Stuart-FoxJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Gillian Green, Traditional Textiles of Cambodia: Cultural Threads and Material HeritageReviewed by Susan ConwayJSS_094_0j_Reviews
David W. and Barbara G. Fraser, Mantles of Merit: Chin Textiles from Myanmar, India and BangladeshReviewed by Patricia CheesmanJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Donald K. Swearer, Sommai Premchit and Phaitoon Dokbuakaew, Sacred Mountains of North ern Thailand and their LegendsReviewed by Catherine NewellJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Donald K. Swearer, Becoming the Buddha: The Ritual of Image Consecration in ThailandReviewed by Catherine NewellJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Martin Jelsma, Tom Kramer, and Peitje Vervest, eds, Trouble in the Triangle: Opium and Conflict in BurmaReviewed by Ronald D. RenardJSS_094_0j_Reviews
A. Willford and K. George, eds, Spirited politics: Religion and public life in contemporary Southeast AsiaReviewed by Niels MulderJSS_094_0j_Reviews
Pratapaditya Pal, Art from Sri Lanka and Southeast AsiaReviewed by Peter SkillingJSS_094_0j_Reviews