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Volume. 99 2011

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Dedication of this Volume to H. M. King Bhumibol AdulyadejRoyal Crest Commemorating His Majesty’s Seventh-Cycle Birthday AnniversaryJSS_099_0c_DedicationToHMKingBhumibolAdulyadej
A Score for the Seventh Cycle, Prelude No. 21 for Siam SocietyKimball Gallagher, ComposerJSS_099_0c_DedicationToHMKingBhumibolAdulyadej
Yodayar Naing Mawgun by Letwe Nawrahta: A contemporary Myanmar record, long lost, of how Ayutthaya was conqueredTranslated by Soe Thuzar MyintJSS_099_0d_SoeThuzarMyint_YodayarNaingMawgun
The Myanmar poetic account of Ayutthaya vanquished: Notes on its rediscovery and significanceThaw Kaung With The Assistance Of Yee Yee KhinJSS_099_0e_ThawKaung_MyanmarPoeticAccountOfAyutthayaVanquish
Markets and production in the city of Ayutthaya before 1767: Translation and analysis of part of the Description of AyutthayaChris BakerJSS_099_0f_Baker_MarketsAndProductionInCityOfAyutthaya
Note on the Testimonies and the Description of AyutthayaChris BakerJSS_099_0g_Baker_NoteOnTestimoniesAndDescriptionOfAyutthaya
Japan’s official relations with Shamuro (Siam), 1599–1745: As revealed in the diplomatic records of the Tokugawa ShogunateIwamoto Yoshiteru and Simon James BythewayJSS_099_0h_IwamotoBytheway_JapansOfficialRelationsWithShamur
Symbolism in city planning in Cambodia from Angkor to Phnom PenhMartin Stuart-Fox and Paul ReeveJSS_099_0i_StuartFoxReeve_SymbolismInCityPlanningInCambodia
Geomagnetism and the orientation of temples in ThailandToshihiko Iyemori, Michio Hashizume, Akinori Saito, Masahito Nose, Nithiwatthn Choosakul, Toshitaka Tsuda and Yoko OdagiJSS_099_0j_Toshihiko_GeomagnetismAndOrientationOfTemples
Excavation of a Pre-Dvāravatī site at Hor-Ek in ancient Nakhon PathomSaritpong Khunsong, Phasook Indrawooth and Surapol NatapintuJSS_099_0k_SaritphongPhasookSurapol_ExcavationOfPreDvaravati
The politics of defecation in Bangkok of the Fifth ReignM. L. Chittawadi ChitrabongsJSS_099_0l_ChittawadiChitrabongs_PoliticsOfDefecation
Pierre Dupont’s L’archéologie mône de Dvāravatī and its English translation by Joyanto K. Sen, in relation with continuing researchNicolas RevireJSS_099_0m_Revire_ReviewArticlePierreDupontArcheologieMoneDv
[Note] Becoming “Red”: The new brand of Thai democracy with a provincial basePattana KitiarsaJSS_099_0n_PattanaKitiarsa_BecomingRed
[Note] Reading documents, writing history: Reflections of a Thai historian in writing on King Chulalongkorn of Siam’s visit to Singapore and Java in 1871Kannikar SartraproongJSS_099_0o_KannikarSartraphong_ReadingDocumentsWritingHistor
The French army and Siam, 1893–1914Amable Sablon Du Corail, translated by Michael SmithiesJSS_099_0p_Smithies_CorailFrenchArmyAndSiam
Madeleine Colani and the Deprat scandal at the Geological Survey of IndochinaLia GenoveseJSS_099_0q_Genovese_MadeleineColaniAndDepratScandal
Cultures at War: The Cold War and Cultural Expression in Southeast Asia, edited by Tony Day and Maya H. T. LiemReviewed by Chris BakerJSS_099_0r_Reviews1
The Sociology of Southeast Asia: Transformations in a Developing Region by Victor T KingReviewed by Niels MulderJSS_099_0r_Reviews2
Water Frontier: Commerce and the Chinese in the Lower Mekong Region, 1750–1880, edited by Nola Cooke and Li TanaReviewed by Edward Van RoyJSS_099_0r_Reviews3
L’Asia du Sud-Est 2011 : Les événements majeurs de l’année Southeast Asia 2011: Important events of the year] by A. Leveau and B. de TréglodéReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_099_0r_Reviews4
The EU–Thailand Relations: Tracing the Patterns of New Bilateralism by Chaiyakorn KiatpongsanReviewed by Patcharawalai WongboonsinJSS_099_0r_Reviews5
Siam and the League of Nations: Modernisation, Sovereignty and Multilateral Diplomacy, 1920–1940 by Stefan HellReviewed by Charit TingsabadhJSS_099_0r_Reviews6
Political Authority and Provincial Identity in Thailand: The Making of Banharn-buri by Yoshinori NishizakiReviewed by Chris BakerJSS_099_0r_Reviews7
Falcon l’imposteur de Siam. Commerce, politique et religion dans la Thaïlande du XVIIe siècle by Alain ForestReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_099_0r_Reviews8
Tracks and Traces: Thailand and the Work of Andrew Turton by Philip Hirsch and Nicolas TappReviewed by Marco RoncaratiJSS_099_0r_Reviews9
Through the Eyes of the King: The Travels of King Chulalongkorn To Malaya by P. Lim Pui HuenReviewed by Kannikar SartraproongJSS_099_0r_Reviews10
Phan Châu Trinh and His Political Writings, edited and translated by Vinh SinhReviewed by Sophie Quinn-JudgeJSS_099_0r_Reviews11
Vietnam and the West: New Approaches, edited by Wynn WilcoxReviewed by Montira RatoJSS_099_0r_Reviews12
Fiery Dragons: Banks, Moneylenders and Microfinance in Burma by Sean TurnellReviewed by Michael W. CharneyJSS_099_0r_Reviews13
Burmese Painting: A Linear and Lateral History by Andrew RanardReviewed by Donald A. StadtnerJSS_099_0r_Reviews14
Sacred Sites of Burma: Myth and Folklore in an Evolving Spiritual Realm by Donald A. StadtnerReviewed by Elizabeth Howard MooreJSS_099_0r_Reviews15
Buddhist Murals of Northeast Thailand: Reflections of the Isan Heartland by Bonnie Pacala Brereton and Somroay YencheuyReviewed by Tulaya PornpiriyakulchaiJSS_099_0r_Reviews16
Studies on the Art of Ancient Cambodia: Ten Articles by Jean Boisselier, translated and edited by Natasha Eilenberg and Robert L. BrownReviewed by Paul A. LavyJSS_099_0r_Reviews17