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Vol. 10, No.2, 1936

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A Revised Hand-list of the Birds of the Chiengmai Region.

H.G. Deignan NHBSS_010_2b_Deignan_ARevisedHandListO

Some Observations on Bird-Life of the Middle Me Ping.

H.G. Deignan NHBSS_010_2c_Deignan_SomeObservationsO

A Description of the Swifts (Collocalia francica and Collocalia innominata), the Birds which Build Edible Nests.

F.H. Giles NHBSS_010_2d_Giles_ADescriptionOfTheSw

A Method of Growing the Lotus-mushroom (Volvaria sp.)

Sup Vatna NHBSS_010_2e_Vatna_AMethodOfGrowingThe

Miscellaneous Notes

Philology in Relation to the Tapir.

F.H. Giles NHBSS_010_2f_Giles_PhilologyInRelation

A Natural History Note.

F.H.G. NHBSS_010_2g_FHG_ANaturalHistoryNot

Some Rare Birds of the Northern Provinces.

H.G. Deignan NHBSS_010_2h_Deignan_SomeRareBirdsOf

Note on a ” Sea-Squirt” Attached to Mollusk stakes in the Gulf of Siam.

Luang Choolacheeb NHBSS_010_2i_Choolacheeb_NoteOnASea

Notes on an Encounter with a Man-eating Tiger.

Ulrich Guehler NHBSS_010_2j_Guehler_NotesOnAnEncounte


A Handlist of Malaysian Birds; A Systematic List of the Birds of The Malay Peninsular, Sumatra, Borneo and Java, Including the Adjacent Small Islands. by Frederick Nutter Chasen.

H.G.D. NHBSS_010_2k_HGD_AHandlistOfMalaysianB

Proceedings of the Section


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