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Vol. 11 No.1, 1937

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Front cover NHBSS_011_1a_FrontCover
The Riddle of Cervus schombergki Francis H. Giles NHBSS_011_1b_Giles_TheRiddleOfCervus
Composition of the Dry Evergreen Forest on Kaw Tao. A. Kerr NHBSS_011_1c_Kerr_CompositionOfTheDry
A New Genus of Siamese Catfishes. Sunder Lal Hora NHBSS_011_1d_Hora_ANewGenusOfSiameseC
Behaviour Research on free Ranging Primates. C.R. Cerpenter NHBSS_011_1e_Cerpenter_BehaviourResear
A Note on the Habits of May-Fly and the Damage Caused by its Nymphs. Nai Prayoon Vejabhongse NHBSS_011_1f_Vejabhongse_ANoteOnTheHab
Visit of the Asiatic Primate Expedition. C.J.H. NHBSS_011_1g_CJH_VisitOfTheAsiaticPrim
Miscellaneous Notes
A Bangkok Python. Malcolm Smith NHBSS_011_1h_Smith_ABangkokPython
Breeding Habits of the Indian Cobra. Malcolm Smith NHBSS_011_1i_Smith_BreedingHabitsOfT
African Lungfish. A.G. Ellis NHBSS_011_1j_Ellis_AfricanLungfish
Proceedings of the Natural History Section NHBSS_011_1k_ProceedingsOfTheNaturalHi
Back cover NHBSS_011_1l_BackCover