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Vol. 12 No.2, 1940

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Progress in Human Welfare

Milestones in Leprosy.

Douglas R. Collier NHBSS_012_2b_Collier_MilestonesInLepro

Toxins, (Their Sources, Preparation and Neutralisation).

Chaloem Puranananda NHBSS_012_2c_Puranananda_ToxinsTheirSo

” Stone Formations in the Human Body.” (Particularly Bladder, and Kidney Stones as found in the Thai).

Luang Binbakya Bidyabhed NHBSS_012_2d_Bidyabhed_StoneFormations

Record of Animal Life & Pest Extermination

Orang Utang Development (Brandes).-Review.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_012_2e_Viehoever_OrangUtangDevel

Mosquito Control.

Phra Jan Vidhivejj NHBSS_012_2f_Vidhivejj_MosquitoContro

Survey of Land Resources

Soils of Thailand.

Robert L. Pendleton NHBSS_012_2g_Pendleton_SoilsOfThailand

Utilization of Plant Products

Plant Fibres (Jute and others) of Thailand.

Nai Ariyant Manjikul NHBSS_012_2h_Manjikul_PlantFibresJuteA

Vegetative Propagation of Useful Plants.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_012_2i_Viehoever_VegetativePropa

Development of New Tools for Science

Development of New Tools for Science, I. From Hollow Sphrer to Super Microscope.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_012_2j_Viehoever_DevelopmentOfNe

Development of New Tools for Science, II. From Hollow Tree to Stethographone.

Arno Viehoever NHBSS_012_2k_Viehoever_DevelopmentOfNe