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Vol. 27, 1978

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Front cover NHBSS_027_a_FrontCover
On Some Edible Aquatic Flora and Fauna of Northern Thailand–Their Morphology, Ecological Distribution and Their Utilization. Prasit Buri NHBSS_027_d_Buri_OnSomeEdibleAquatic
A Key for the Identification of Scolopsis from Thailand (Pisces: Nemipteridae). Thosporn Wongratana NHBSS_027_e_Wongratana_AKeyForTheId
Notes on Ten Asian Hornbill Species (Aves: Bucerotidae); with Particular Reference to Growth and Behaviour. Clifford B. Frith & Velvet E. Douglas NHBSS_027_f_Frith_NotesOnTenAsianHo
The Birds of Phi Phi Le Island, Krabi, Thailand. Jeffery Boswall & Supradit Kanwanich NHBSS_027_g_Boswall_TheBirdsOfPhiPh
A Biological Survey of a Lowland Evergreen Scrub Forest and Meadowland in Southern Thailand. Philip J. Storer NHBSS_027_h_Storer_ABiologicalSurvey
Opiliaceae of Thailand. Paul Hiepko NHBSS_027_i_Hiepko_OpiliaceaeOfThail
Bats over Bangkok. H. Elliott McClure NHBSS_027_j_McClure_BatsOverBangkok
Field Observations on Incubation and Roosting Behaviour of the Greater Golden-backed Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes lucidus, in Thailand. C.B. & D.W. Frith NHBSS_027_k_Frith_FieldObservationsOn
Additions of the Snake Fauna of Phuket Island, Peninsular Thailand. Clifford B. Frith NHBSS_027_l_Frith_AdditionsOfTheSnak
Cantor’s Water Snake, Cantoria violacea Girard, a Vertebrate New to the Fauna of Thailand. Clifford B. Frith & Jeffery Boswall NHBSS_027_m_Frith_CantorSWaterSnakeC
The Crab-Eating Water Snake, Fordonia leucobalia (Schleg.); Another Snake New to Thailand. Clifford B. Frith & Donaldo MacIver NHBSS_027_n_Frith_TheCrabEatingWaterSn
First Record of the Japanese Sparrowhawk, Accipiter gularis, on Phuket Island. Jeffery Boswall & Clifford B. Frith NHBSS_027_o_Boswall_FirstRecordOfTheJ
Weaver Ants, Oecophylla smeragadina, Systematically Predating Worker Sweat Bees, Trigona sp., by Snatching Them from Flight. Clifford B. Frith NHBSS_027_p_Frith_WeaverAntsOecophyll
The Short-tailed Shearwater, Puffinus tenuirostris (Aves; Procellariidae) a New Bird to Thailand. Clifford B. Frith NHBSS_027_q_Frith_TheShortTailedShea
Overlooked and New Birds for Phuket Province, Thailand. Jeffery Boswall NHBSS_027_r_Boswall_OverlookedAndNe
Back cover NHBSS_027_s_BackCover