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Vol. 30, No. 1, 1982

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Notes on Breeding Birds in North-West Thailand.

Philip D. Round NHBSS_030_1d_Round_NotesOnBreedingBird

Notes and New Distributional Information on Birds in Western Peninsular Thailand.

Philip D. Round, Robert J. Dobias, Kamol Komolphalin & Surapon Duangkhae NHBSS_030_1e_Round_NewDistributionalInf

Dry Dipterocarp Forest as a Barrier to Gibbon Dispersal: A Survey in Phu Phan National Park, Northeast Thailand.

Sompoad Srikosamatara & Surapon Duangkhae NHBSS_030_1f_Srikosamatara_DryDipteroc

Observations of Animals Feeding in a Strangler Fig, Ficus drupacea, in Southeast Thailand.

Warren Y. Brockelman NHBSS_030_1g_Brockelman_ObservationsOf


Notes on Bats in Bangkok.

Boonsong Lekagul NHBSS_030_1h_Lekagul_BatsInBangkok

Sight Record of the Eastern Curlew Numenius madagascariensis in Central Thailand.

David S. Melville NHBSS_030_1i_Melville_SightRecordOfThe

Diurnal Observations of Bird Migration in Central and Western Thailand.

D.S. Melville & W.E. Fletcher NHBSS_030_1j_Melville_DiurnalObservati

A “Mottled” Jungle Crow Corvus macrorhynchus.

David S. Melville NHBSS_030_1k_Melville_AMottledJungleCr

Book Review

Malayan Forest Primates: Ten Years’ Study in Tropical Rain Forest. ed. by D.J. Chivers.

Warren Y. Brockelman NHBSS_030_1l_Brockelman_MalayanForestP

Literature Reviews

T. Smitinand NHBSS_030_1m_Smitinand_LiteratureRevie

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