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Vol. 50, No. 1, 2002

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Research Articles

Notes on Thai Hedyotis (Rubiaceae).

J.F. Maxwell NHBSS_050_1f_Maxwell_NotesOnThaiHedyot

Occurrence of the Siamese Crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand.

Steven G. Platt, Antony J. Lynam, Yosapong Temsiripong & Manote Kampanakngarn NHBSS_050_1g_Platt_OccurrenceOfTheSiames

Demography and Ecophysiology of Cycas siamensis in a Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest of Northeast Thailand.

Philip W. Rundel, Mark T. Patterson, Kansri Boonpragob & Karen J. Esler NHBSS_050_1h_Rundel_DemographyAndEcoph

Patterns of Fish Assemblages on Coral Reefs of the Adang–Rawi Islands, the Andaman Sea, with Comments on Management Implications for Coral Reef Reserves.

Ukkrit Satapoomin NHBSS_050_1i_Satapoomin_PatternsOfFish

Hunting and Wildlife Use in Some Hmong Communities in Northern Thailand.

Waranoot Tungittiplakorn & Philip Dearden NHBSS_050_1j_Tungittiplakorn_HuntingAn

The Diurnal Primate Community in a Dry Evergreen Forest in Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Northeast Thailand.

C. Borries, E. Larney, K. Kreetiyutanont & A. Koenig NHBSS_050_1k_Borries_TheDiurnalPrimate

A New Tree species (Sapotaceae) and a New Species Record for Thailand (Flacourtiaceae) from Khao Yai National Park.

Warren Y. Brockelman, Panarat Charoenchai & J.F. Maxwell NHBSS_050_1l_Brockelman_ANewTreeSpeci

Bauhinia siamensis (Leguminosae-Caesalpinioideae), an Extraordinary New Species from Thailand.

Kai Larsen & Supee Saksuwan Larsen NHBSS_050_1m_Larsen_BauhiniaSiamensisL


Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros–The First Record for Thailand.

Philip D. Round, Jon Dunn & Chitapong Kuawong NHBSS_050_1n_Round_BlackRedstartPhoeni

Survival of a Radio-collared Leopard in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand.

Lon I. Grassman Jr. & Eileen Larney NHBSS_050_1o_Grassman_SurvialOfARadioCol

The Correct Interpretation of Euonymus auriculatus Craib (Celastraceae) and Myladenia serrata Airy Shaw (Euphorbiaceae).

Peter C. van Welzen NHBSS_050_1p_VanWelzen_TheCorrectInter

Fimbristylis alata E.-G. Camus (Cyperaceae)–A New Record for Thailand.

J.F. Maxwell NHBSS_050_1q_Maxwell_FimbristylisAlat


Vegetation and Vascular Plant Flora of Doi Sutep–Pui National Park, Northern Thailand. by J.F. Maxwell & S. Elliott.

Philip W. Rundel & David Middleton. NHBSS_050_1r_Rundel_VegetationAndVascu

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