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Vol. 51, No. 1, 2003

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Research Articles
Rhythms of the River: Lunar Phases and Migrations of Small Carps (Cyprinidae) in the Mekong River. Ian G. Baird, Mark S. Flaherty & Bounpheng Phylavanh NHBSS_051_1g_Baird_RhythmsOfTheRiverL
Glimpses into Fossil Assemblages of Thailand: Coral Perspectives. Henri Fontaine, Sirot Salyapongse & Varavudh Suteethorn NHBSS_051_1h_Fontaine_GlimpsesIntoFoss
Latitudinal Range Limits of Resident Forest Birds in Thailand and the Indochinese-Sundaic Zoogeographic Transition. Philip D. Round, Jennifer B. Hughes & David S. Woodruff NHBSS_051_1i_Round_LatitudinalRangeL
The Location of the Indochinese-Sundaic Biogeographic Transition in Plants and Birds. David S. Woodruff NHBSS_051_1j_Woodruff_TheLocationOfT
Optimized Fishing Gear Operations in Sirinthorn Reservoir, Thailand. Tuantong Jutagate & Niklas S. Mattson NHBSS_051_1k_Jutagate_OptimizedFishing
A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand. by Craig Robson. Philip Round NHBSS_051_1l_Round_AFieldGuideToTheB
Threatened Birds of Asia: The Birdlife International Red Data Book. eds. by N.J. Collar, A. Andreev, S. Chan, M.J. Crosby, S. Subramanya & J.A. Tobias. Philip Round NHBSS_051_1m_Round_ThreatenedBirdsOfAs
Beyond the Last Village. by Alan Rabinowitz. Philip Round NHBSS_051_1n_Round_BeyondTheLastVilla
A Checklist of the Trees, Shrubs, Herbs, and Climbers of Myanmar. by W.J. Krees, R.A. DeFilipps, E. Farr & Daw Yin Yin Kyi. J.F. Maxwell NHBSS_051_1o_Maxwell_AChecklistOfTheT
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