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Vol. 53, No. 1, 2005

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Research Articles

A New Species of Cascade Frog (Amphibia: Ranidae) from Thailand, with New Data on Rana banaorum and Rana morafkai.

Raoul H. Bain & Bryan L. Stuart NHBSS_053_1f_Bain_ANewSpeciesOfCascade

Tertiary Basin Evolution in Northern Thailand: A Palynological Point of View.

Wickanet Songtham, Benjavun Ratanasthien, Manas Watanasak, Dallas C. Mildenhall, Sampan Singharajwarapan & Wittaya Kandharosa NHBSS_053_1g_Songtham_TertiaryBasinEvol

Fossil Biodiversity in the Limestones of Thailand: A Cornucopia of Information about the History of Life.

Henri Fontaine, Sirot Salyapongse & Varavudh Suteethorn NHBSS_053_1h_Fontaine_FossilBiodiversi

Are Hill Mynas (Gracula religiosa) More Common in Disturbed than in virgin Forest Habitats?

Walter A. Sontag, Jr. NHBSS_053_1i_Sontag_AreHillMynasGracul

First Record of Lycodon cardamomensis from Thailand, with a Key to Thai Lycodon (Serpentes: Colubridae).

Olivier S.G. Pauwels, Montri Sumontha, Patrick David, Tanya Chan-ard & Gernot Vogel NHBSS_053_1j_Pauwels_FirstRecordOfLyco

Elephant Crop Raiding Problems and Their Solutions at Kui Buri National Park, Southwestern Thailand.

Mattana Srikrachang & Sompoad Srikosamatara NHBSS_053_1k_Srikrachang_ElephantCropR

Field Discrimination between Lesser Short-nosed Fruit Bat (Cynopterus brachyotis Muller, 1838) and Greater Short-nosed Fruit Bat (C. sphinx Vahl, 1797) (Chiroptera: Pteropodidae) in Southeast Thailand.

Sara Bumrungsri & Paul A. Racey NHBSS_053_1l_Bumrungsri_FieldDiscrimin

Himantura kittipongi, a New Species of Freshwater Whiptailed Stingray from the Maekhlong River of Thailand (Elasmobranchii, Dasyatididae).

Chavalit Vidthayanon & Tyson R. Roberts NHBSS_053_1m_Vidthayanon_HimanturaKit


Re-identification of the Skeleton of the Bryde’s Whale (Balaenoptera edeni) from the Northern Coast of Borneo.

Michael Andersen & Carl Chr. Kinze NHBSS_053_1n_Andersen_ReIdentification

Tree Dismantling–a Display of Male Macaques at Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand.

Carola Borries & Andreas Koenig NHBSS_053_1o_Borries_TreeDismantlingAD

Distribution of Lyle’s Flying Fox (Pteropus lylei) Camps in Central Thailand.

R. Adrian Hillman NHBSS_053_1p_Hillman_DistributionOfLyl

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