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Vol. 54, No. 2, 2006

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Editorial boardNHBSS_054_2c_EditorialBoard
Conducting Rapid Biology-based Assessments Using Local Ecological Knowledge. Ian G. Baird NHBSS_054_2e_Baird_ConductingRapidBiol
Research Articles
Foraging Activity Patterns of Frugivorous or Omnivorous Animals on the Forest Floor of a Tropical Seasonal Forest in Thailand, with Reference to Seasonal Changes. Shunsuke Suzuki, Shumpei Kitamura, Masahiro Kon, Pilai Poonswad, Phitaya Chuailua, Kamol Plongmai, Takakazu Yumoto, Naohiko Noma, Tamaki Maruhashi & Prawat Wohandee NHBSS_054_2f_Suzuki_ForagingActivityPa
Small Mammals around a Karen Village in Northern Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand: Abundance, Distribution and Human Consumption. Nattha Wattanaratchakit & Sompoad Srikosamatara NHBSS_054_2g_Wattanaratchakit_SmallMamm
Two Pantropical Fungi, Lycogalopsis solmsii and Morganella fuliginea (Basidiomycota, Agaricales, Lycoperdaceae), New to Thai Mycobiota. Taiga Kasuya, Souwalak Phongpaichit & Yaowaluk Dissara NHBSS_054_2h_Kasuya_TwoPantropicalFungi
Bark Thickness and the Influence of Forest Fire on Tree Population Structures in a Seasonal Evergreen Tropical Forest. Patrick J. Baker & Sarayudh Bunyavejchewin NHBSS_054_2i_Baker_BarkThicknessAndTheI
Hog Deer (Axis porcinus) Confirmed in the Wild in Eastern Cambodia. Andrew Maxwell, Chea Nareth, Duong Kong, Robert Timmins & J.W. Duckworth NHBSS_054_2j_Maxwell_HogDeerAxisPorcin
Saving a Forest: The Composition and Structure of a Deciduous Forest under Community Management in Northeast Thailand. Enamul Kabir & Edward L. Webb NHBSS_054_2k_Kabir_SavingAForestTheCom
Rediscovery of Glyphis gangeticus: Debunking the Mythology of the Supposed “Gangetic Freshwater Shark”. Tyson R. Roberts NHBSS_054_2l_Roberts_RediscoveryOfGlyp
A New Record for the Speartooth Carcharhinid Shark Glyphis glyphis from Pulo Condor, South China Sea. Tyson R. Roberts NHBSS_054_2m_Roberts_ANewRecordForTheS
Makararaja chindwinensis, a New Genus and Species of Freshwater Dasyatid Pastinachine Stingray from Upper Myanmar. Tyson R. Roberts NHBSS_054_2n_Robert_MakararajaChindwinen
Record of Phrynichus orientalis (Arachnida: Amblypygi) from Khao Chamao–Khao Wong National Park, Southeast Thailand. Apisit Thipaksorn & Sataporn Wanthanawijarn NHBSS_054_2o_Thipaksorn_RecordOfPhryni
Two Southeast Asian Species of the Cyprinid Fish Genus Labeo, L. erythropterus and L. pierrei. Tyson R. Roberts NHBSS_054_2p_Roberts_TwoSoutheastAsian
How to Plant a Forest: The Principles and Practice of Restoring Tropical Forests. by Stephen Elliott, David Blakesley, J.F. Maxwell, Susan Doust & Sutthathorn Suwannaratana. Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt NHBSS_054_2q_SchmidtVogt_HowToPlantAFo
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