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Volume. 57.1 1969

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A Note on the Possible Relationship of King Rama Khamhaeng's Sukhodaya Script of Thailand to the Grantha Script of South IndiaSingaravelu, SJSS_057_1b_Singaravelu_RelationshipOfKingRamaKhamhaengSukhodaytaScriptToGranthaScript
The Asokarama Inscription of 1399 A.D. Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.2Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_057_1c_GriswoldPrasert_AsokaramaInscription1399
The Pact Between Sukhodaya and Nan Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.3Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_057_1d_GriswoldPrasert_PactBetweenSukhodayaAndNan
A Law Promulgated by the King of Ayudhya in 1397 A.D. Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No. 4Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_057_1e_GriswoldPrasert_LawPromulgatedByKingOfAyudhya1397
The Accession of King Mongkut (Notes)Bradley, William L.JSS_057_1f_Bradley_AccessionOfKingMongkut
A Ramayana Relief from the Khmer Sanctuary at Pimai in North-East Thailand (Notes)Boeles, J.J.JSS_057_1g_RamayanaReliefAtPimai