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Volume. 59.1 1971

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Loose Structure: Fact or Fancy? Thai Society Re- examinedBunnag, JaneJSS_059_1b_JaneBunnag_LooseStructureFactOrFancy
Social Criticism in Modern Thai Narrative FictionSodemann, UteJSS_059_1c_Sodemann_SocialCriticismInModernThaiNarrativeFiction
Likay: A Note on the Origin, Form and Future of Siamese Folk OperaSmithies, MichaelJSS_059_1d_Smithies_LikayOriginFormAndFutureOfSiameseFolkOpera
Kinship Terms of the Black Tai PeopleFippinger, Dorothy CrawfordJSS_059_1e_Fippinger_KinshipTermsOfBlackTai
A Fleeting Encounter with the Moken (the Sea Gypsies) in Southern Thailand: Some Linguistic and General NotesCourt, ChristopherJSS_059_1f_Court_MokenSeaGypsiesInSouthernThailand
Kedah-Siam Relations, 1821-1905Ahmat, SharomJSS_059_1g_SharomAhmat_KedahSiamRelations
The Akha Swinging CeremonyChob Kacha-anandaJSS_059_1h_ChobKachaananda_AkhaSwingingCeremony
Stone Memorials of the Lawa (Northwest Thailand)Kauffmann, Hans E.JSS_059_1i_Kauffmann_StoneMemorialsOfLawa
An Inscription in Old Mon from Wieng Mano in Chieng Mai Province: Epigraphic and Historical Studies, No.6Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_059_1j_GriswoldPrasert_InscriptionInOldMonFromWiengManoChiengMai
The Inscription of Vat Traban Jan Phoak (Face I, 1380 A.B.; Face II, 14th century, date uncertain): Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.7Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_059_1k_GriswoldPrasert_InscriptionOfVatTrabanJanPhoak
The Inscription of Vat Jan Lom (1384 AD): Epigraphic and Historical Studies No.8Griswold, A.B., and Prasert na NagaraJSS_059_1l_GriswoldPrasert_InscriptionOfVatJanLom
A Note on PunPenth, HansJSS_059_1m_Penth_NoteOnPun
Supernatural Beliefs and Practices in ChiengmaiSanguan Chotisukharat (translated and introduced by Gehan Wijeyewardene)JSS_059_1n_SanguanChotisukharat_SupernaturalBeliefsAndPracticesInChiengmai