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Volume. 77.1 1989

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On the History of Chiang RaiPenth, HansJSS_077_1b_Penth_HistoryOfChiangMai
Did Kublai Khan's Conquest of the Dali Kingdom Give Rise to the Mass Migration of the Thai People to the South?DuYuting and Chen LufanJSS_077_1c_DuYutingChenLufan_KublaiKhanConquestAndThaiMigration
A Preliminary i\nalysis of Important Cultural Relics of the Nanzhao-Dali KingdomChen LufanJSS_077_1d_ChenLufan_CulturalRelicsOfNanzhaoDali
Two Dharani Inscriptions from Tombs at Dali (Yunnan)Von Hinuber, OskarJSS_077_1e_Hinuber_TwoDharaniInscriptionsFromDali
Rebellion in Northern Laos: The Revolts of the Lu and the Chinese Republicans (1914-1916)Gunn, Geoffrey C.JSS_077_1f_Gunn_RebellionInNorthernLaos
International Politics and the Transformation of Folk Crafts-The Hmong (Meo) of Thailand and LaosCohen, ErikJSS_077_1g_Cohen_InternationalPoliticsAndTransformationOfHillCrafts
Continuities in Highland and Lowland Religions of ThailandDurrenberger, E. Paul, and Tannenbaum, NicolaJSS_077_1h_DurrenbergerTannenbaum_ContinuitiesInHighlandAndLowland
Difficulties with Inscription No.1Penth, HansJSS_077_1i_Penth_DifficultiesWithInscriptionOne
Archaeology in Thailand-What's New?Pornchai SuchittaJSS_077_1j_PornchaiSuchitta_ArchaeologyInThailand
Review Article: Lua of NanFilbeck, DavidJSS_077_1k_Filbeck_ReviewArtricle_LuaOfNan
Lucien B. Hanks (Obituary)Klausner, William J.JSS_077_1m_Obituaries
Elizabeth Lyons (Obituary)Warren, WilliamJSS_077_1m_Obituaries