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Volume. 83.0 1995

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Thai Traditional Gabled Doors and WindowsPitya BunnagJSS_083_0b_PityaBunnag_TraditionalGabledDoorsAndWindows
Chinese Temples in BangkokChuimei HoJSS_083_0c_ChuimeiHo_ChineseTemplesInBangkok
An Archaeological Assessment at Don Dong Muang, Northeast ThailandMoira Wood and Steven PerryJSS_083_0d_WoodsParry_ArchaeologicalAssessmentAtDonDongMuang
The Landscape Context of Asia's MonumentsDavid H. EngelJSS_083_0e_Engel_LandscapeContextOfAsiaMonuments
Female Renunciants (nang chi) in SiamPeter SkillingJSS_083_0f_Skilling_FemaleRenunciantsInSiam
Seventeenth-Century Siam: Its Extent and Urban CentresMichael SmithiesJSS_083_0g_Smithies_17thCenturySiamExtentAndUrbanCentres
Kosapan face aux intrgues francaisesMorgan Sports and Kanika ChansangJSS_083_0h_SportesKanika_KosapanFaceAuxIntriguesFrancaises
A Pious Fable Reconsidering the Inscription I Controversy: A 'Domonic' ViewMichael WrightJSS_083_0i_Wright_PiousFableOnInscriptionOneControversy
Piltdown3: Further Discussion of The Ram Khamhaeng InscriptionMichael VickeryJSS_083_0j_Vickery_Piltdown3RamKhamhaengInscription
Glimpses of Seventeenth-Century Currency and Mensuration in SiamLotika VaradarajanJSS_083_0k_Varadarajan_17thCenturyCurrencyAndMensurationInSiam
The Abdication of Phaya Ti6lkHans PenthJSS_083_0l_Penth_AbdicationOfPhayaTilok
Which Ratanapanna Composed The Jinakalamali?Hans PenthJSS_083_0m_Penth_WhichRatanapannaComposedJinakalamali
The Kingdom of Lanna and The HIV EpidemicCoos BeyrerJSS_083_0n_Beyrer_KingdomOfLannaAndHIVEpidemic
On the Believability of Northern Thai Spirit MediumsJack BilmesJSS_083_0o_Bilmes_BelievabilityOfNorthernSpiritMediums
A Short History of The Library of The Asiatic Society of Japan, 1872-1942Harold M. OtnessJSS_083_0p_Otness_LibraryOfAsiaticSocietyOfJapan
Volker Grabowsky, ed. Regions and National Integration in ThailandReviewed by Richard P. LandoJSS_083_0q_Reviews
Morgan Sportes, Ombres SiamoisesReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_083_0q_Reviews
Francois-Timoleon de Choisy Journal du Voyage de Siam L'Abbe de Choisy, Androgyne et mandarinReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_083_0q_Reviews
Charles F. Keyes The Golden Peninsular: Culture and Adaptation in Mainland Southeast AsiaReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_083_0q_Reviews
Lorraine M. Gesick In The Land of Lady White Blood: Southern Thailand and The Meaning of HistoryReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_083_0q_Reviews
Peter A. Jackson Dear Uncle Go: Male Homosexuality in ThailandReviewed by Howard GravesJSS_083_0q_Reviews
Obituary: Maj. Gen. Mom Rajawong Kukrit PramojJSS_083_0r_ObituaryRememberingKukritsFarewell