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Volume. 92 2004

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King Mongkut (first published in JSS vol. 1, 1904, pp. 191-207) Introduced by Tej BunnagO. FrankfurterJSS_092_0b_Frankfurter_KingMongkut
The opposed human figure at Khok Phanom DiCharles HighamJSS_092_0c_Higham_OpposedHumanFigureAtKhokPhnaomDi
Exploring a new approach to early Thai historyYoneo IshiiJSS_092_0d_Ishii_ExploringNewApproachToEarlyThaiHistory
Relations between Ayutthaya and RyukyuPiyada ChonlawornJSS_092_0e_PiyadaChonlaworn_RelationsBetweenAyutthayAndRyuky
Four unpublished letters from Desfarges, Beauchamp, and Vollant, survivors of the siege of Bangkok in 1688Michael SmithiesJSS_092_0f_Smithies_FourUnpublishedLetters1688
Prince Prisdang and the proposal for the first Siamese constitution, 1885Sumet JumsaiJSS_092_0g_SumetJumsai_PrincePrisdangAndProposalForConstitut
Russian- Thai relations: historical and cultural aspectsYevgeny D. OstrovenkoJSS_092_0h_Ostrovenko_RussianThaiRelations
Village as stage: Imaginative space and time in rural Northeast Thai livesLeedom LeffertsJSS_092_0i_LeedomLefferts_VillageAsStageInNEThaiLives
[Note] The lacquer pavilion in the First Reign contextPatricia M. YoungJSS_092_0j_Young_LacquerPavilionInFirstReignContext
Jean-Pierre Pautreau et al. Ban Wang Hai: Excavations of an Iron-Age Cemetery in Northern ThailandReviewed by Helen JamesJSS_092_0k_Reviews
David Snellgrove Angkor-Before and After: A Cultural History of the KhmersReviewed by Dawn F. RooneyJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Claudine Bautze-Picron The Buddhist Murals of Pagan: Timeless vistas of the CosmosReviewed by Virginia Di CroccoJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Dirk Van der Cruysse, translated by Michael Smithies Siam and the West, 1500-1700Reviewed by Reinhard HohlerJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Father Adriano di St. Tecla, translated and annotated by Olga Dror Opusculum de sectis apus Sinenses et Tunkinenses (A small treatise on the sects among the Chinese and Tonkinese). A study of religion in China and North Vietnam in the eighteenth century.Reviewed by Liam C. KelleyJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Choi Byung Wook Southern Vietnam under the reign of Minh Mang (1820-1841) : Central policies and local responseReviewed by George DuttonJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Yos Santasombat Lak Chang: A reconstruction ofTai identity in DaikongReviewed by Reinhard HohlerJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Peter Jackson Buddhadasa: Theravada Buddhism and Modernist Reform in ThailandReviewed by Justin McdanielJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Jane Werner and Daniele Belanger, eds Gender, Household, State: Doi Moi in Viet NamReviewed by Liam C. KelleyJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Teri Shaffer Yamada, ed. Virtual Lotus: Modern Fiction of South East AsiaReviewed by David SmythJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Ho Anh Thai The Women on the IslandReviewed by Montira RatoJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Michael Smithies Village VignettesReviewed by Tarmo RajasaariJSS_092_0k_Reviews
Honorary MembersJSS_092_0m_HonoraryMembers
[Obituaries] H.S.H. Prince Subhadradis Diskul,a personal appreciationJSS_092_0n_Obituaries
[Obituaries] Larry StemsteinJSS_092_0n_Obituaries
[Obituaries] Sirichai Narumit-RekagarnJSS_092_0n_Obituaries