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Volume. 93 2005

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Population and state in Lan Na prior to the mid-sixteenth centuryVolker GrabowskyJSS_093_0b_Grabowsky_PopulationAndStateInLannaPriorToMid16th
Thai-Burmese warfare during the sixteenth century and the growth of the first Toungoo empirePamaree SurakiatJSS_093_0c_PamareeSurakiat_ThaiBurmeseWarfareDuring16thCentu
From the composition of national histories to the building of a regional South-East AsiaStephane DovertJSS_093_0d_Dovert_FromNationalHistoriesToRegionalSouthEastAs
Disorder, fear, death, and their transcendenceMarco RoncaratiJSS_093_0e_Roncarati_DisorderFearDeathAndTranscendence
On Siamese proverbs and idiomatic expressions (JSS 1904, Vol. 1)G.E. GeriniJSS_093_0f_Gerini_SiameseProverbsAndIdiomaticExpressions
James Koo, ed., Art and archaeology of Fu NanReviewed by James Koo, ed., Art and archaeology of Fu NanJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Hiram Woodward, The Art and Architecture of Thailandfrom Prehistoric Times through the Thirteenth CenturyReviewed by Pattaratorn ChirapravatiJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Carol Stratton, Buddhist sculpture of Northern ThailandReviewed by John ListopadJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Michael Smithies, Three Military Accounts ofthe 'Revolution' of 1688Reviewed by Kennon BreazealeJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Michael Smithies, Witnesses to a Revolution: Siam 1688Reviewed by Kennon BreazealeJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Henry Ginsburg, Thai art and Culture: historic manuscripts/rom Western collectionsReviewed by Pattaratorn ChirapravatiJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Volker Grabowsky and Andrew Turton, The Gold and Silver Road o/Trade and Friendship: the McCleod and Richardson diplomatic missions to Tai states in 1837Reviewed by Milton OsborneJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Michel Jacq-Hergoualc'h, Le SiamReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_093_0g_Reviews
J. Kermel-Torres, Atlas of Thailand: Spatial structures and developmentReviewed by Peter Van DiermanJSS_093_0g_Reviews
David Wyatt, Reading Thai muralsReviewed by Rita RingisJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Kamala Tiyavanich, The Buddha in the JungleReviewed by Claudio CicuzzaJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Virginia di Crocco, Footprints of the Buddhas of this Era in ThailandReviewed by Hiram WoodwardJSS_093_0g_Reviews
James Fahn, A Land on FireReviewed by Warren BrockelmanJSS_093_0g_Reviews
N. Tapp et al, eds, Hmong/Miao in AsiaReviewed by Eric CohenJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Richard Totman, The Third Sex: Kathoey--Thailand's ladyboysReviewed by Peter JacksonJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Bruce Missingham, The Assembly o/the PoorReviewed by Yale NeedelJSS_093_0g_Reviews
William Warren, The Siam Society.: A CenturyReviewed by Michael SmithiesJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Mary Callahan, Making enemies: war and state building in BurmaReviewed by Emma LarkinJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Gerry Abbott, Back to MandalayReviewed by Emma LarkinJSS_093_0g_Reviews
Goh Beng-Lan, Modern dreams, an inquiry into power, cultural production, and the cityscape in contemporary urban PenangReviewed by Tan Liok EeJSS_093_0g_Reviews
E. Locher-Scholten, Sumatran Sultanate and Colonial State: iambi and the rise of Dutch imperialismReviewed by Lee Kam HingJSS_093_0g_Reviews